Sergio Castellitto, age: 70 between film, TV and family

Sergio Castellitto turns 70: a special birthday present from his son Pietro - image 2

On August 18, Sergio Castellitto turns 70 years old. The life, work and family of one of the most important artists in the Italian entertainment world. (Photo by Ans)

Perhaps, the guys from the Giffoni film festival have just given him the most unexpected gift. Who awarded his last film, The best century of my life. Birthday celebration started well Sergio Castellitto. Who turns 70 on August 18.

Get back in the game with two new films: from The Most Beautiful Age of My Life at the Venice Film Festival 2023.

Actor, director, screenwriter, talent scout. Capable of getting back into the game even when his career tells us he has nothing to prove (he said this when he turned 65). There are examples? So he will become a mentor to a beginner (in the movie) Valerio Lundini. His co-star in the first film Alessandro Bardani. Which arrives in theaters on September 7th.

Or here he is again at the Venice Film Festival. In a few days, he will be back on that red carpet to accompany the film in the Golden Lion competition. Aeneas. Where he put himself “at the service” of his son Peter, director and performer. Father’s love, of course. But not only. “An artist must constantly change, even if he does not want to, because an artist worthy of this name must be a sponge, a liver that intoxicates and cleanses,” he said a couple of years ago.

Birthday present from Pietro Castellitto to Father Sergio

A few years ago, Sergio Castellitto said that he still has dream realize. Be on time be engaged to his son Pietro in film. He tried with his debut film, Predators (2020). “I asked him to take me part of a hanged manI would even see myself in the distance, there was nothing to do.

Instead, a big gift comes. Papa Sergio shot by his son Pietro in his second feature film, Aeneas. One of the six Italian films entered in the 80th competition. Venice Film Festival. Birthday of Sergio Castellitto, who will step out of his house onto the red carpet in Laguna.

Enea di Pietro Castellitto

First picture Aeneas Pietro Castellitto, at the competitions in Venice 2023.

From theater to Fausto Coppi, Sergio Castellitto’s career between film and television

Sergio Castellitto’s career was long. He began as a young student at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts (which he never graduated from). The big breakthrough came in 1980. “In my first set Three brothers From Francis Rosie, I was scared. It was August 1980, we were filming in Rome, it was very hot and I had a pose. Like a young terrorist I had to kill Philippe Noiret by bus. I didn’t sleep and eventually got upset,” he recalls.

Movies are looking for. And much more. From Family (1987) author Hector Scola To big blue (1988) Luc Besson. But it owes its real leap into the collective imagination to television. To character Fausto Coppi in the mini-series Paradise Great Fausto (1995) author Alberto Sironi. To that of Don Milani – Rector of Barbiana (1997) gods The Frazzie Brothers.

Sergio Castellitto

Sergio Castellitto in a frame from the mini-series “Paradise”. Don Milani – Rector of Barbiana (1997), directed by Antonio and Andrea Frazzi (Photo by Ans)

Since then, it has been at the peak of popularity. From dramatic roles, as in star man (1995) author Giuseppe Tornatore (1995) and Religion time (2022) author Mark Bellocchio. Or roles in comedies like Catherine goes to town (2003) author Paolo Virzi. Passing by such international blockbusters as The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian (2008) author Andrew Adamson.

Among the last characters to mention the old man Gabriele D’Annunzio V bad poet (2021) author Gianluca Giodice AND Giovanni Boccaccio V Dante (2022) author Pupi Avati, at the cinema. While on TV Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa V Our general (2023) author Lucio Pellegrini.

Sergio Castellitto Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto on the set of Venuto al mondo in Rome, October 2011. (Forto Ansa)

Directing successes: Penelope Cruz and “Don’t Move”

“I calmly realized that this is not a job for me,” said Sergio Castellitto during a promotional tour emotional material. A 2021 film in which he is a translator and director. His seventh time behind the camera. And, apparently,last. “It requires an animal physique. I work so well as an actor and then acting is a bit like telling a story through the characters you play.”

It’s a shame. Because director Castellitto gave us some good films. Especially the second Do not move (2004). First collaboration with a star Penelope Cruz. The success is confirmed by dozens of awards and international critical acclaim.

Among other films directed by Castellitto, it is worth noting Came into the world (2012), again with Cruz. AND Lucky (2017) with poker players Jasmine Trinca, Stefano Accorsi, Alessandro Borghi and Edoardo Pesce.

castle family

The Castellitto family at the Venice Film Festival 2020: presented by Pietro Castellitto Predators. Here he is with his sister Maria, father Sergio Castellitto, mother Margaret Mazzantini and sister Anna. The smallest one is missing: Cesare. Ansa Photos

When work and personal life mix: Sergio Castellitto’s family

There family is at the center of Sergio Castellitto’s life. And this is not the usual way to say that the stars like it so much. In this case, words are followed by deeds. The actor met his life partner in the theater in the early 80s. Margaret Mazzantini, actress and writer, it’s not just a wedding. It is also a very close professional association. Which led to the creation of films and performances. From Do not movenovel turned film Zorro. Hermit on the sidewalkthe last theatrical work of Castellitto.

After the wedding in 1987, Sergio and Margaret became parents. 4 children: Peter, born in 1991, Mary (1997) Anna (2001) and Caesar (2006). They too, especially the older ones, are often an integral part of their father’s projects. Since childhood, they visited his film sets, playing small roles. It is enough to follow in the footsteps of their parents when they grow up. Peter first.

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