Sergio Castellitto: “I am a person of competence, not of belonging”

“Before the summer, Pupi Avati called me and said that it would be good if a person like me accepted the position of president of the Experimental Film Center. My first answer was no, absolutely not. Then we talked about it. The summer passed and I heard nothing more. I read the news the way you read it, that is, I took it for granted. I would limit myself to this. I don’t know what will happen. I won’t deny that the idea is still interesting. The only thing I want to say is that I am not a belonging person, but a competent person. So I was asked to do it because of my experience, and I think it was completely understandable.”

Word Sergio Castellitto on his possible appointment to the Experimental Center: if this rumor is confirmed, the award-winning actor and director will succeed Marta Donzelli, who left the presidency on August 4.

Castellitto – present in Venice among the main characters Aeneasdirected by his son Pietro, today received the Bianchi Award, a recognition that the Italian Film Journalists (SNGCI) traditionally gives at the Lido this year for the 47th time to an outstanding personality of Italian cinema.

“I’ve never been scared by close-ups, but awards are,” he comments. Only vile and traitorous people know how to give thanks well, my son Pietro said a few years ago when he received an award at the Orizzonti in Venice (for the best screenplay of his first work). Predators, in Orizzonti at the 77th Exhibition, ed.). So I will try not to be either disgraceful or a traitor,” he jokes.

And then he adds: “I am joyfully happy to say thank you, because his name is Pietro Bianchi and that other Pietro Castellitto. Receiving it after my son Pietro presented his film yesterday in competition here in Venice seems like a wonderful coincidence to me. There are so many layers of joy. I love these combinations. Of course, receiving awards is a great honor. And I am immensely pleased to receive it from the Union, from Laura Delli Colli and from Alberto Barbera. But it is also true that you have to earn them, because it is a kind of responsibility. If I still deserve it in a year, I’ll keep it.”

Finally, regarding the immediate future, Castellitto reports: “On September 11th I will start filming a film with Giovanni Veronesi, the title Romeo and Julietthen we’re starting a series on assisted reproduction created by Cattleya for Paramount based on an idea by Margaret Mazzantini.”

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