Sergio Mayer Assures That Frida Sofía Could Still Take Legal Action Against Enrique Guzmán

Frida Sofía stands out for being controversial.

The Mexican deputy shared in a press conference that he had communicated with Frida Sofía’s father, Pablo Moctezuma, and they discussed the prescription of the crime of sexual abuse of minors

Last Saturday afternoon Sergio Mayer attended the press conference offered by the actress Daniela Berriel to denounce the release of her alleged aggressor, where he also spoke about the case of Frida Sofía and the abuse she had suffered since she was five years old, highlighting that the crime has not prescribed and is in time to file a complaint with the authorities.

The Mexican deputy, who currently raises his voice for women who suffer some type of violence and promotes equal rights for men and women, shared in a press conference that he had communicated with Frida Sofía’s father and they discussed the issue of prescription of the crime of sexual abuse of minors, however, until now it does not know if they will proceed with a formal complaint against Enrique Guzmán, since it is the victim herself who has the last decision.

” Yesterday I had communication with her father about an issue that he asked me and it depends on her and will decide if, in addition to having made the complaint in the media, she wants to make the criminal complaint, that depends on the victim, ” he explained.

Reiterating that Pablo Moctezuma only contacted him to dispel his doubts regarding the prescription of the crime: “I knew that Pablo had a question regarding the prescription and I sent him what we approved in the Chamber of Deputies ”.


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Although he refused to share his opinion on the specific issue, the actor also assured that if the complaint is made, the authorities are in charge of giving a verdict through psychological tests as evidence of the damage.

” I cannot judge or say who is wrong, it would be irresponsible to take sides and say who I believe and who I do not believe, that’s what justice is for, ” he added.

Aware that the only way to do justice is for victims to report, he confirmed that as of October 20, 2020, an initiative was approved in Mexico in which they requested to extend the statute of limitations for this type of crime of abuse of minors. “Those victims know that it does not prescribe, there is already a much wider margin (of time) for the victims to make the decision to file a complaint about having had sexual abuse in childhood. If there is no complaint, there are no legal consequences ”, he stressed.

And he assured that, if so decided, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter could denounce Enrique Guzmán since, thanks to this bill, she has up to 40 years to go before the authorities.

“It does not prescribe, from now on the victims who have had any issue of abuse or rape by minors already have up to 30 or 40 years to be able to file a complaint.”

Before concluding, the deputy emphasized that the most important part for justice to be done is to file a criminal complaint.


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