Sergio Mayer assures that Marjorie de Sousa is committing a crime by taking her son away from Julián Gil

The actor and Mexican deputy revealed that the Venezuelan actress is taking away a right from her son and that this is punishable by law

The controversy over the legal battle that Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil face for the custody of their son continues to give something to talk about, this time it was Sergio Mayer who came out in defense of his friend and assured that a crime is being committed by keeping him away from Matías.

It was during an interview with the program Despierta América, where the Mexican actor and deputy shared that the Venezuelan actress is taking away a right from her son and that this is punishable by law:

“Parental alienation is even a crime now, you cannot speak ill to your son of his mother or his father, because you are depriving the child of the possibility of seeing his father, not of him the possibility of seeing his son ”, He explained.

Likewise, the producer assured that the only way to deny a parent definitive custody is if some type of violence has been committed against the minor, a situation that he is sure did not happen on the part of Julián Gil: “ You cannot take away the child the right to grow up and live with his father, only that the child has been beaten, abused or that he is not supporting him financially and I do not think that is the case “.

According to his knowledge of Mexican laws, Mayer assured that no judge can take away from the Argentine actor the possibility of him approaching his son.

“In this case, the decisions will be made by the mother, but from then on until a judge tells you that you cannot see your son again, it is impossibleThe only thing that there is a really strong issue is when they take away the possibility of approaching your son and that I know that does not exist in any way, I know that Julián loves and adores his son and perhaps he breached a legal issue and that is why he caused the loss that issue, “he added.