Sergio Mayer recounts the odyssey to be reunited with her daughter


Sergio Mayer he shared in his account of Instagram the odyssey had to go through to be reunited with her daughter Antonia in the Tijuana airport.

Mayer appeared with a mask and confessed that he was desperate about the situation of health emergency by the coronavirus.

“How ironic, before, if you were doing so at the airport, as well as come, I stood, and you could not walk here, they were as suspicious, today, if you do not bring your mask and you’re not protected, you’re doing something wrong,” he began his story.

“Already I start to despair, I want to recover my daughter,” said the actor and current president of the Commission of Culture while I was waiting, sitting on the ground, the arrival of his daughter, because he had been denied the step.

In the transmission you made, you could see the airport lucia empty, and at a time of recording, you hear that someone tells you that you can’t take video.

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Mayer showed the moment of the arrival of his daughter, whom he receives with a hug. It also shows when they are already in Mexico.

“It’s eight in the evening, we are already on the train that goes from terminal two to terminal one, since we only take the car to the house; welcome Antonia,” he concluded.


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