series from Nicole Kidman and the director of “Klamstevka”. Kidi premiere?

1. Expats – premiere of the series with Nicole Kidman?

Amazon Prime Video will launch on the 26th of 2024 with the premiere of the limited series The Expats. The series is adapted from The Expatriates by Janice Y.K. Lee. The promotions were played in 2014 in Hong Kong and bought in three American states – Margaret (Nicole Kidman, “Great Trouble”), Hilary (Sarayu Blue, “Still Night…”) and Mercy (Ji Yong Yoo, “Evening Holidays”) – someone who is hiding behind his sister’s acquaintance, Margaret’s son. W obsadzie są także Brian Tee (Chicago Med) and Jack Huston (Fargo). Reżyserką całości jest Lulu Wang (“Kłamstewko”), which became a television debut. (Digital Spy)

2. Patrick Stewart Remembers Star Trek: The Next Generation

Patrick Stewart wrote his first film, Let’s Do It: A Memoir, which was followed by the first episode of Star Trek: New Year. The actor recalls a story when he was working on the unauthorized actions of Denise Crosby (TV series Tasha Yar), who was involved in this process because she is very busy. “Don’t worry, Denise, don’t worry” – stwierdził. And the kyeds were caught enchanted, if you want them to leave the plane and lose consciousness. (TVLine, The Hollywood Reporter)

3. Mayim Bialik on potential Blossom series

Mayim Bialik commented on the series “Blossom”, which was given to me as a child. The plot and puzzle are ready for the first time. If you have a story, if you want to know what the story is, there are no sitcom characters – the show has a theme, the story can be played out with or about the stories, so you can read it by clicking on it. ten saints with their spouse. (Deadline)

4. Black Cake – light in the premiere series

The Hulu platform has released the series “Black Cake” with the participation of Charmaine Wilkerson, producer of Oprah Winfrey. Rodzinna’s story with additional information and posts. First of all, if you want to know the country, if you want to know, Shkochi, England, in Jamaica and in California, as well as wszystko zaczyna się od uciekającej panny młodej, who ended up in Jamaica at the age of 60. Premiere in the USA planowana jest na 1 leaf fall (three parts). (Playlist)

5. Neon – Netflix’s star-studded comedy series

Netflix is ​​showing the series “Neon” in the latest version available in Miami, which plays reggaeton music. The two stars include Tyler Dean Flores, Emma Ferreira and Jordan Mendoza, along with Shea Serrano and Max Searle. Premiere April 19.

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