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Since the fourth season of Cobra Kai premiered, the fan who loves drama, adrenaline, but especially martial arts and all its derivatives have been pleasantly happy, as this type of entertainment comforts them and allows them to consolidate their ideals and film tastes.

And it is that if there is something In this new installment there is a lot of action, but also encounters and battles without limits and that allow to reinforce the essence of this plot that honors the Karate Kid and that it is gaining more and more followers who are lovers of this genre. Therefore, if you already fully enjoyed this story, we present you other titles that bear some similarity to this Spin-Off.

In each one of them You will find important lessons in love, loyalty, honesty, but above all in responsibility and discipline. All of them allow to create better citizens and for this reason, this type of productions are classified as exemplary and worth seeing as a family after the large number of messages that are presented.

Series similar to ‘Cobra Kai’ that you must see if you love martial arts

Through this fourth season of Cobra Kai, the public and loyal fans have been able to appreciate the evolution of its original protagonists. And it is that both William Zabka and Ralph Macchio they are still ready to give continuity to this plot in which in addition to reviving the nostalgia of the 80s, they have managed to capture the attention of the new generations with their talent and grace, as well as the desire to show the pure essence of the original story.

For this reason, so that you do not stay with the desire for more scenes and moments, as well as unforgettable teachings, we present other stories similar to Cobra Kai:


Is is a production that premiered in 2019 and was written or created by Bruce Lee himself. This is part of his legacy, the one he left after he died and which portrays the life of a man who must leave China to go live in the United States, a place where he will have to face hundreds of adversities to survive, so that the use of his martial arts skills will help him finish off his attackers.

It is an ideal story to analyze about what is desired in life and that goes beyond pride and power.

Into the badlands

The scenes of action, violence, as well as the most incredible stunts are part of this production that has captured the attention of lovers of martial arts. Here are presented a great variety of styles that surprise the audience who cannot miss a moment of this original AMC plot that shows the life of a group of fighters who fight through their most skillful movements and without any weapons.

They are warriors who only seek recognition through their unarmed struggles that also allow them to ascend in their universe of light that is led by feudal lords.

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