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SeSocio completes a decentralized financing project

The SeSocio platform concluded the DeFi initiative with a profitability of more than 40% in USD in just six months. All the details of the project.

The platform Partner The first decentralized financing project was completed, which gives it more than 40% profitability for participating investors. The firm highlighted that this yield is even higher than 80% per year in USD.

The liquidity pool came to rescue an amount of almost u $ s160,000 between capital and generated returns, of the same, 8,864 investors benefited.

It is a liquidity contribution to a liquidity pool in Uniswap, with the contribution of ETH and USDT in equal parts. Decentralized finance -DeFi by its name in English- is the most transparent way to invest without any kind of intermediary.

Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, whose transactions are carried out through the Ethereum network, allowing users to exchange your tokens within the platform, for example, ETH for USDT.

Guido Quaranta, CEO of SeSocio

Guido Quaranta, CEO of SeSocio

What is meant by DeFi or decentralized finance ?:

  • Instruments with all automated operation (via “smart contracts”)
  • With these smart contracts, intermediaries are not required (such as a bank)
  • Received the funds, a software is in charge of investing them and distributing profits (without human intervention)

Liquidity pool

The difference with another type of investment such as the purchase of cryptocurrencies is that a percentage of the commissions paid by those who use the liquidity pool are received, and sometimes gains of two or even three percentage digits per year are achieved.

Based on the blockchain Ethereum, Uniswap It is one of the pioneering protocols in this type of finance, which proposes the elimination of order books, that is, information flows without any institution or intermediary monitoring operations, but the users themselves guard their own capital.

Works through the Constant Product Market Maker architecture, which is a variant of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model.

“The success of this highly profitable project confirms that decentralization is the future within the fintech ecosystem. It is about the information being in the user because in that intangible but valuable good is the gateway to a freer financial world and democratic, “he remarked Gaston krasny, CTO & Co Founder of SeSocio.com

Become a partner and your first decentralized financing

Become a partner and your first decentralized financing

How does DeFi work?

In 2018 Ethereum already had more than a dozen DeFi projects, which accounts for the great growth of this investment method. In simple words, the decentralized financing system is a set of rules and protocols based on blockchain technology that allows users themselves to safeguard their assets and investments.

Unlike traditional exchanges, this technology eliminates the order book -order book- that records purchases and sales, for example, of cryptocurrencies. So, for users to be able to invest in DeFi projects -such as Uniswap-, so-called liquidity pools are needed, a large fund full of reserves, which, through a series of smart contracts that execute operations based on predetermined algorithms, calculate the price to which an asset is traded. These pools are set up through liquidity providers, that is, investors.

“By leaving cryptocurrencies parked in a liquidity pool, the user can benefit from very profitable rates,” he explained Krasny. In exchange for intervention in a liquidity pool, the user receives liquidity tokens, which represent their share of the total reserve.

Decentralized finance is a great alternative to traditional financial services that are supported by smart contracts and that came with the intention of updating, improving and globalizing classic financial services. Through the SeSocio platform you can access the different types of current DeFi projects in which any user can invest without the need for a minimum amount.

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