Set photos from the Disney Fallout live-action remake

On 14 July, the Daily Mail published some photos from the set which it said was part of the filming of Disney’s live-action remake. snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Looking at the rather bizarre images, many have begun to dispute the “politically correct” excesses that Disney is reportedly coming up with, including the idea of ​​replacing the Seven Dwarfs with magical creatures. The Daily Mail has claimed in the publication to show leaked photographs from the Disney set taken on July 12 in Bedfordshire, England.

In the photos, an actress appeared in a yellow and blue dress and a red hat reminiscent of Snow White from fairy tales, accompanied by an ensemble of actors, both male and female, lined up to play the seven popular characters. Was.

Who is really featured in the photos on the set of Snow White?

In fact, the woman in the photo is not actress Rachel Ziegler, who will play Snow White in the upcoming live-action film, although the Daily Mail reported that there were “two replacement actors” in the photos “for post photography”. were working -Production”.

As for the actors who played the controversial “Seven Dwarfs”, it can be seen that Snow White’s companions were of different “genders, ethnicities and heights”.

Disney complains over ‘deceptive’ images

Disney called these images misleading and untrue in response to and after the release, as they are not official images from the film. In response, the Daily Mail reported that the production studio “confirmed that stunt doubles of both Rachel Ziegler and Andrew Burnap were used in these images.”

In a statement to The Independent, a Disney spokesperson clarified: “The photos that have been published (in the Daily Mail) are not official photos from the film. They show some of the student talent and do not include Rachel Ziegler or Andrew Burnap not included.

Walt Disney Studios first announced plans for a live-action remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 2016. The film will be a musical, featuring iconic songs from the original 1937 animated film and new tracks written by songwriter Benj Pasek. Justin Paul.

Rising star Rachel Ziegler (West Side Story) has been cast as the iconic Disney princess in June 2021, followed by Gal Gadot as the Queen/Wicked Witch and Andrew Burnap in the male lead.

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