Seth MacFarlane followed Dwayne Johnson’s lead with a massive donation to the Strike Fund.

Seth Macfarlane
Gage Skidmore of Peoria, Arizona, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

After Dwayne Johnson Another well-known Hollywood actor makes a large donation to the Strike Fund, according to the publication diversity. The entertainment community received a million dollars from the actor, which will be used to respond to emergencies related to the workers’ strike. Dwayne Johnson recently gave another contribution to the causeas the entertainment industry tries to stick together, aiming for a better future for everyone involved in guilds. A double strike is raging after months of the entertainment world being hit by these artists’ struggles.

There Writers Guild of America AND SAG-AFTRA they are currently on strike because the guild members are not getting a fair wage for the work they put into the movies and TV series that entertain the world. The central theme of both strikes is that the so-called “leftovers” received by writers and actors participating in popular productions distributed via streaming are blatantly offensive. There is also the issue of transparency because it is not clear how much money stories make without proper recognition of the people behind them. Successful films and shows cannot be made without the talent of actors and writers.

The strike has already led to the closure of several industries in the industry, including Deadpool 3 and final season very strange things. Production cannot be resumed until the strike is over, otherwise any participant in an active action will go against the organized protest. The conflict also affects projects that are ready for theatre, as films are delayed because the members can’t promote them during the press tour. Kraven the Hunter With just two months to go in theaters, Sony Pictures pushed back the release date by exactly one year!

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