seven aerobic exercises to do in your own home

In Vitónica we have explained many times through various articles how what is really essential to lose weight is the caloric deficit in our diet, that is, either eat fewer calories than we spend or spend more than we eat.

That said, it does not mean that at the training level we cannot pay special attention to our selection of exercises to increase our caloric expenditure, either with exercises that help us increase cardiac output or simply that involve a lot of muscle mass.

In this article We explain some exercises that you can take into account if your goal is to lose weight and lose fat.

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Jump with knees to chest

The jumps with knees to the chest are a very simple exercise to execute but that forces us to raise our heart rate a lot. This is due on the one hand to involving all the muscle mass of our lower body and on the other to printing so much force so that our feet take off from the ground.

Be that as it may, Try to choose a fluid rhythm that allows you to perform the exercise with hardly any rest between repetitions.

Jump to the drawer

The dynamics of the box jumps is similar to that of the jumps with knees to the chest but this time we must orient the jump forward and try to land in the box.

It serves us for the same reasons that we described in the previous exercise, but this time we include an external element with which to carry out the exercise. It can serve a drawer, table or chair.

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There can’t be a weight loss exercise article without burpees outlined.

Burpees are an exercise that allows us to involve almost all of our body and therefore triggers our heart rate and caloric expenditure.

Try to chain one repetition with the next to keep your energy expenditure and heart rate high.

Jumping jacks or any of its variants

Jumping jacks are a very easy exercise to do in the sense that it does not require high levels of muscle strength, just a minimum of aerobic fitness.

It is an exercise that allows us to perform many repetitions per minute so it is a key piece to increase our energy expenditure. Also, since it doesn’t require a lot of muscle strength, allows us to do it for a long time, much more than if we did burpees or box jumps.

In this video you can see many variants of the exercises.

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Mountain climbers

We continue with mountain climbers, an exercise that has been present in training rooms for decades, especially when conducting directed classes or functional training classes.

It is an exercise that, like jumping jacks, allows us to perform many repetitions per minute without stopping and all this from a plank position that forces our core to be activated at all times.

This makes this exercise a great option. if we want to choose exercises that allow us to increase our caloric expenditure.

Medicine Ball Thrusters

This exercise, the thruster, is an exercise that is more part of the basic multi-joint strength exercises. For this reason, it is possible that depending on the weight you want to use, you need more strength than in other exercises that we have seen here today.

The thruster consists of nothing more than combining a squat with an overhead press and our goal being to increase caloric expenditure as much as possible, The ideal is that you chain one repetition with another without rest.

Jumping lunges

Finally, we resort to jumping strides, a basic strength exercise that, by involving jumping and changing from one leg to another in the air, offers us the same virtues as jumping with the knees to the chest: a lot of muscle mass involved and a lot of demand for muscle strength.

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