Seven hidden clues in the new trailer for ‘Matrix Resurrections’ that make it the most anticipated movie of the year

The second and Latest ‘Matrix Resurrections’ trailer tells us a little more about Lana Wachowski’s highly anticipated movie. Contrary to the usual trend in the trailers of Hollywood blockbusters, however, he is not afraid to leave spaces unexplained, and we will go to the appointment on December 22 still with many spaces to fill. Even so, this trailer brings to the table a series of topics and issues that are worth highlighting and that we did not know until now. These are some of its keys.

1 – The loops

A possible new concept (or semi-new, which the Architect already mentioned in the original trilogy that Neo was one of them in successive incarnations) that is introduced in this installment, and that we see practically from the beginning of the trailer, where a not-quite-identical Trinity to the original Trinity replicates one of the iconic sequences from the first film, his presentation defending himself from some policemen. The scene seems to repeat what we met there, but not entirely (to begin with, it is not shot with green tones, as the Matrix was classically represented, but with blues … reference to the blue pill?), Which makes one think of these loops where it says in the trailer that humans are trapped.

2 – We have seen it … but not exactly

In both the second trailer and the first (which, significantly, was titled ‘Déjà vu’) ‘, we see sequences of the original trilogy repeat themselves, but not as winks or references, but with a narrative sense. In this case, what is repeated are the sensations that the characters had in those first sequences: that is why this time it is Smith who has his mouth stuck, because Neo remembers him associated with that horrible sensation; or so Trinity doesn’t seem to remember Neo, but there is something left of what they felt.

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3 – Jonathan Groff as Agent Smith

If there were any doubts after the first trailer, this second trailer clears them all. Groff is the new Agent Smith, as he repeats some iconic phrases from his predecessor (again the theme of loops, although in this case it is normal being machines), also some combat techniques against Neo and, of course, a similar contempt for the human race. The question that arises now is: does this change of interpreter have something to do with changes of other actors, very prominently the Morpheus of Laurence Fishburne?

4 – How long has it been?

This trailer also shows us Niobi, the character played by Jada Pinkett Smith, very old. Much more than the actress has actually aged, which allows us to deduce that her appearance is crucial: ‘Matrix Resurrections’ is set, possibly several decades in the future after the first trilogy.

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5 – Is the original trilogy a simulation?

The question that bathes many fans in a cold sweat who refuse to believe that the sequences of the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew freed from the Matrix in the first movie happen inside the Matrix. Of course, this trailer doesn’t give the answer, but it does give us the most fascinating image of these advances, that of a replica of the room where Neo first chose between the two tablets (with all the furniture and mirrors reversed! !), with a giant projection of the hands of the original Morpheus offering the two capsules. Where do these images come from? Was this all a fantasy and is Neo, as the Architect said, actually a control system?

6 – The many forms of Trinity

It’s interesting how throughout the two trailers we’ve seen Trinity take on multiple appearances: Dissolves into code in the first trailer, is a more mature woman in her meeting with Neo at the bar -where he does not remember-, but also when he seems to have woken up, on the roof of the building (where, eye, we can see skyscrapers literally made of code), as well as, of course, in the multiple incarnations of the original trilogy, that we see in the trailer over and over again. There is also a scene in which Trinity screams and her body unfolds, and we see her body inside a capsule, imprisoned in the Matrix. All of this may refer to a fragmented consciousness.

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7 – Civil War

There is a plane too very significant in this trailer: the machine ships, seemingly pitted against each other. This blueprint has sparked speculation: is there a third faction in conflict? Are there good machines (there already were, Oracle-style, but now they have taken action to take on the Architect)? What is the position of characters like Neil-Patrick Harris’s psychiatrist that we saw in one of the first teasers? Questions and more questions, which transcend history beyond a mere continuation of Neo’s adventures, and which will be answered very soon.

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