Seven premieres christmas Netflix


It is already a tradition over the holidays to share movies and shows with a christmas theme. What before was done depending on the programming of cable channels, is repeated today, according to the options that we give the streaming platforms, mainly the favorite: Netflix.

There are tv shows, movies, options for adults and other for children, some are already released and others to the point of being available on the platform:

Christmas in Africa

Kristin Davis (The Sex and the City), plays Kate Conrad, a woman who lives a busy life in Manhattan, arranges a second honeymoon with her husband to raise the spirits. But surprisingly, he ends the relationship and leaves it sown with the trip. Kate decides to go on an African safari. In Zambia, help the pilot to Derek Holliston (Rob Lowe) to rescue a baby elephant that has been orphaned. Together, caring for the animal until it is recovered in a sanctuary of elephants. Kate extended her trip until Christmas. Now that the love tap back to your door, will it return to home or will bet on this new adventure?. The film is already available on Netflix.

White Nights

During a snow storm that is dyed white-a small town on christmas Eve, a group of teenagers will live stories of love and friendship magical and unexpected. One of them is played by Kiernan Shipka, the protagonist of the remake of Sabrina, the teenage witch. This is another of those that can already see in the platform.

A prince for Christmas: Royal Baby

The best gift for Aldovia in Christmas is a real baby. But, before that, the queen Amber must solve a mystery monarchical to be able to save his family and to his kingdom. Starring Rose McIver (From my heaven), Ben Lamb, Alice Krige. On December 5, will be available on the platform.

The Knight of Christmas

A sorceress transports to the present to Sir Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, who falls in Ohio just for Christmas. The medieval knight is a friend of Brooke, a science teacher with the heart while that I guide through the modern world and helps to find the mission true to be able to return home. It is sung by Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical). But the adventure unites them more than what they expected, and to be separated when the time comes will not be so easy. This is in addition to those that can already enjoy on Netflix.


Jesper (with the voice of Sebastian Yatra), the worst student in the academy of email, it is wagered on a freezing cold island to the north of the arctic circle. There, the apathetic islanders barely a cross word, so that the cards are not exactly common currency. Just when it seemed that the disillusionment would his dream of being a postman, Jesper knows the teacher Alva (Cecilia Suarez) and Klaus (Joaquin Cosio) , a mysterious carpenter gruff who lives in a cabin filled with toys that he made. Together, we will return the joy to the people, you will discover the benefits of selfless acts, the generous spirit of the holidays and the magic of friendship. Klaus is directed by Sergio Pablos, co-creator of My favorite villain and can now be viewed on Netflix.

Christmas, crazy Christmas

But Malchus plays a DJ that just lost his job. Their four children materialists are clear what they want for Christmas, but the family is forced to make adjustments. They soon realize that settling for less is far more rewarding than they could have imagined. Is already available on the platform.

Happy whatever you want

In this series, Mr. Quinn, played by Dennis Quaid (Game twin) is a father stubborn of Philadelphia who juggles between the stress of the holidays and the demands of their diverse family, which also holds as can be. The drop that spilled the glass is the arrival of his daughter Emmy (Bridgit Mendler) with new boyfriend: a musician (Brent Morin) without a penny. Don, who thinks that there is only one way of doing things (theirs, of course), you will have to get used to the novelty. Season 1 is already on Netflix.


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