Seven Tips to Save Gas for the Summer Vacation

During the summer vacation, August is the month with the largest number of road trips in my country. One of the things we have to add to the bill on days off is gas, cIts price is currently going up.

all these are Seven Very Valuable TipsAccording to RACE, to save a few euros on fuel:

1. Plan ahead

A well-planned trip can get you where you want to go faster.Not only that, but you’ll know where you’re going before you hit the road Will take less time or you will travel fewer kilometers. Remember, an extra 10 minutes of driving can mean up to 14% more diesel or petrol consumption.

2. Leave the essentials in the trunk

You have to be reasonably sure of the load in the pots before you go. Try loading your vehicle with items you consider essential, such as clothes, beach chairs, bikes… Adding 100kg to road weight can lead to fuel consumption spikes of up to 6%. It is also crucial to distribute the load well to avoid uneven weight on one side or the other, as this could lead to greater tire wear.

3. Check tire pressure

It may seem silly, but the correct pressure indicated by the manufacturer can be very useful in reducing fuel consumption.when only the wheels of our cars were taken away 0.5 bar less than recommended could increase our petrol consumption by up to 4%. Also, if the vehicle is fully loaded, we must check the suggested level bars for the front and rear tires as this will vary depending on the load.

4. If you are going to stop for more than one minute, turn off the engine

Although your car screen shows that the car is not consumed, Fuel consumption at idle, so the console does not indicate 0.0 l/100 km. This applies to those stops that will be longer than a minute.

5. Keep a constant speed

It is crucial to keep the speed as even as possible. For this, look for the fluidity of the blood circulation, Avoid accelerating, braking or shifting gears unnecessarily. If you want to slow down, take your foot off the accelerator before applying the brakes. If you absolutely need to brake due to road conditions, brake smoothly and slow down as late as possible. You have to remember that if you don’t step on the gas, the consumption is almost zero. At idle, the car consumes 0.5 to 0.7 liters per hour.

6. Close the windows or turn on the air conditioner?

If you are driving on urban roads, that is, the average speed does not exceed 50 km/h, it is best to drive with the windows open.On the contrary, at this moment The best way to save fuel is to turn on the air conditioner if we are going over 80km/hbecause the consumption due to aerodynamic drag is greater than the consumption of the vehicle’s cooling system when the window is lowered at a speed above this.

7. Adopt efficient driving

Just as Fernando Alonso applied “lift and slide” techniques in Canada to save gas, you should do something similar. use the engine brake Reduce consumption by 2%. Make the most of water droplets, through the inertia of the vehicle, you will be able to shift early when driving at low rpm. On hill climbs, it delays downshifts as much as possible, slightly increasing throttle pressure. at last, Put in top gear and don’t over rev the engine.

These seven tips will help you this summer Extended deposit period. If you apply them, the money you save can be used for other activities with your friends or family.

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