“Seven Years in Tibet”: the meeting of two worlds

On kilograms movie available Seven years in Tibet, director Jean-Jacques AnnaudDirector Fire War, Rose Name, Bear. The film is based on the Austrian mountaineer’s memorial of the same name. Heinrich Harrer. It follows the spiritual journey of Harrer, who became a refugee in Tibet during World War II, where he became a confidante of a very young Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso.

Brad Pitt (Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Fight Club) accompanies on this adventure Jamyang Jamtsho WanguchukDalai Lama and actor David Thewlis, Peter Aufschnaiter. Peter leads a group of climbers who, by order of the German government during the Nazi period, should be able to climb the Himalayas.

Seven years in Tibet was produced Jean-Jacques Annaud, John Williams, Ian Smith For Mandalay Entertainment. Distributed by Chekki Gori group.

Seven years in Tibet : synopsis

1939 Heinrich Harrer is a young Austrian mountaineer, a member of the Nazi German Workers’ Party. Heinrich was chosen by the German government to carry out a mission that had hitherto failed other German expeditions: to climb the Himalayas. As Heinrich leaves, he says goodbye to his pregnant wife for the last time. She would like him not to leave: she knows that she will miss the birth of her son. But Heinrich does not take into account the requests of his wife, leaves her in the hands of his friend Horst Immendorf and joins the group of Peter Aufschnaiter.

During the ascent, an avalanche forces Heinrich and his comrades to retreat. Climbers are arrested by the British Empire in India: the Second World War has begun, and as citizens of the Third Reich they become prisoners of war. Heinrich is also arrested despite being an Austrian. Between fatigue and despair, Heinrich tries for years to escape from captivity, but fails each time. He knows he can’t do it alone.

There is freedom not far from the POW camp: Tibet, in particular the Holy City of Lhasa, home of the Dalai Lama, forbidden to foreigners. Freedom, full of spirituality and culture. A place that protects the new Dalai Lama, a child who is preparing to become a very young person: a curious child.

For Rita, its length prepares for the meeting between Heinrich and the Dalai Lama. One finds comfort and advice in the other. A meeting that could give both of them an unprecedented slice of humanity.

Heinrich Harrer

Brad Pitt he is undoubtedly the most suitable actor to tell this story. Heinrich gives the impression of an arrogant young man who loves his own ego, putting it above everything and everyone. A man who decides to leave his pregnant wife with the child he never wanted. A young man who, in order to save himself and be the best in every way, vilifies everyone around him. Even at the cost of leaving everyone.

Over time, Heinrich discovers that his son has gone missing, that he is growing up and does not recognize him as a father. When he realizes that he is left alone, that he has lost everything and is waiting for the end of the war, Heinrich finds a companion in Petra, and a friend in the very young Dalai Lama.

Heinrich, Peter and the very young Dalai Lama

IN Seven years in TibetDavid Thewlis he works by subtraction, and he manages to look very believable in this role. Peter knows Heinrich’s potential, even if he despises the many displays of disrespect from the exuberant climber. But the struggle for survival brings everyone together. So Heinrich and Peter become fellow travelers. Together they seek their rebirth in Tibet.

Jamyang Jamtsho Wanguchuk striking in its interpretation. The 14th Dalai Lama is still a child when he asks to meet Heinrich, the only foreigner who can answer his endless questions about everyday life in Europe. He is a child who loves to play and browse, full of spirituality. A child who will have to carry an entire nation on his shoulders.

The relationship between Heinrich and the very young Dalai Lama brings to the screen the film’s highest point. A father without a son, a son who has to become the father of a people in trouble when his age requires him to play. The Dalai Lama knows that he cannot regard Henry as a father. But he also knows that he has found a reliable friend with whom he can be himself.

Seven years in Tibet : movie

Seven years in Tibet it’s a job that takes way too long to get to the main meeting of the two most interesting characters. A somewhat dark film at times, the strength of which lies in the imagery, including the costumes and sets, the sets, the acting, and (usually) the offbeat music. John Williams.

Upon its release, the film met with resistance from the Chinese government, which decided to ban both the director and the lead actors from entering China.

Seven years in Tibet leaves the viewer with a not entirely successful experience of traveling between the cruelty of the earth and the mysticism of the East. A new way to understand what is important in everyday life.

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