Sexually Transmitted Diseases on the Rise in Blanca and Santander, FL

Misar Salazar F.

the case sexually transmitted disease increased Santander Bank Especially at Bucaramanga metropolitan area.

Official data show that from 2023 to the present, there have been reports 694 cases have a sexually transmitted disease, 103 more cases People who signed up around the same time last year.

Statistics held by Sivigila and published by Vanguardia show that by the end of July 2023, There were 249 cases of syphilis, 366 cases of HIV/AIDS, and 58 cases of hepatitis B and C. So far this year, five people living with HIV/AIDS have died.

How about Florida Blanca?

blanca florida Pregnancy syphilis cases rank third (twenty three) and the same article in HIV/AIDS Cases (Fifty) Hepatitis B and C cases come second (7).

For syphilis and HIV/AIDS, Dulce is second only to Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja, while for hepatitis B and C, Floridablanca is second only to Bucaramanga.

what is the reason?

From the Minister of Health they said, Not enough sex education and protected methods are rarely usedaffecting the increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Referring to the groups most vulnerable or affected by these diseases, the Secretariat cited young (because of his high sexual activity) sex workers and drug users.

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