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zendaya’s hero challengers: The film will center around a love triangle set in the world of tennis

Zendaya On a bed, sitting between two men – Mike Faust and Josh O’Connor – who begin kissing her. First one and then the other. This is undoubtedly the hottest scene in the trailer challengersnew movie by Luca Guadagnino Which – after a possible preview at the 80th Venice Film Festival – will be in our cinemas from September 2023.

Based on the competitive world of tennis, the focus of the film – written by Justin Kuritzkes (who also wrote the screenplay) Weirdalso by Luca Guadagnino) – so there would be a kind of sports-love triangle, a theme that perfectly suits Guadagnino’s favorite style of stories, which combine romanticism and dramatic elements.

“The Art of Seduction…and Other Games”

After watching this trailer one cannot help but feel eager for it challengers, the new effort of Luca Guadagnino. Firstly, precisely because it is directed by Guadagnino, director of acclaimed romantic films call me by your name (2017)e bones and allUpon its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the latter film received a ten-minute standing ovation. and then because the hero of the story is Zendayaactress best known for her role as Excitementwhich earned her two Emmys as Best Actress in a Drama Series, but which we were able to appreciate on the big screen as well thanks to the movies dune (2021) and three chapters of the Spider-Man saga directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Homecoming2021; Spider-Man: Far From Home2019; Spider-Man: No Way Home2021).

after telling us a touching gay love story call me with you Gifted a mix of shivers and tears with the name and emotional dread bones and allGuadagnino will take us along challengers, in the world of tennis and its competitions. Or rather – as stated in the official post from Warner Bros. which will distribute the film – in “The Art of Seduction…and other games”.


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