Shabby suit: giddy Salma Hayek

After the great success achieved by the latest film Magic Mike: The Last Dance, Salma Hayek is enjoying a well-deserved vacation at a seaside resort.

Mexican, but of Lebanese descent, Salma Hayek is one of Hollywood’s most famous faces in the past twenty years after being nominated for an Oscar for best actress in 2003 for her role in Frida, directed by none other than Julie Taymor. On December 13, 2017, he published a New York Times op-ed, signed by him, in which he claims to have been assaulted, threatened, and sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein while filming the aforementioned film.

salma hayek birthday
Salma Hayek (photo from Instagram)

Hayek has been using his popularity as an artist for years to raise public awareness in a campaign against gender-based violence and discrimination against immigrants. In addition to that, Hayek committed to UNICEF. Not coincidentally, in 2005, she testified before the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary supporting the Violence Against Women Act. to combat violence against women. He then became a board member of V-Day, a charity founded by playwright Eva Ensler. Hayek argues in unexpected times that “A feminist because so many incredible women have made me who I am today. (…) it shouldn’t be just because I’m a woman”.

Salma Hayek is dizzy: the shot is explosive

Fun fact: Hayek advocates breastfeeding. During a UNICEF charity trip to Sierra Leone in 2009, there was a sensation Hayek breastfeeding a hungry baby, who is only one week old, whose mother did not have milk. She later stated that she did this to reduce the stigma associated with breastfeeding and promote proper nutrition for children. Because canestrelli al ragout is not available to the population all over the world. In 2010, his humanitarian work earned him a nomination at the VH1 Do Something Awards.

Busty Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek (photo from Instagram)

Not only work and charity. Anniversary these days his birthday. The anniversary Hayek wanted to mark with this Instagram post, accompanied by a caption posted in both English and Spanish, which roughly translates to “I am so happy to be alive and so deeply grateful for all the blessings! My loving family, my precious friends, my health, my work that supports me, my inspiring team, my relationship with animals and nature, and the love of all my devoted fans. Congratulations on my 57th birthday”. A holiday, which was enthusiastically joined by many fans who love their chosen one.

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