Shaggy Bob, hair cut favorite for the 2020


23 December, 2019 15:50

What have celebrities like Taylor Swift and Chloë Grace Moretz and promises to become the trend for the next year.

A Shaggy Bob short with bangs to the environment.

The days of long hair are over. Since this year the trends in hairstyle indicated that the cutting of hair were half-manes to super short. The Shaggy Bob is one of them and the favorite for 2020.

It is No coincidence that celebrities such as Chloë Grace Moretz or the singer Taylor Swift have already worn on the red carpet, I See how it is!

The long hair already was: what are the five tracks of the moment

“Shaggy Bob”, the cut of the moment

It is a cut that rejuvenates and gives freshness to the face without any doubt. The interesting thing about Shaggy is that you can use with a short or very short.

But that is not all. There are variants that allow you to wear it with bangs, the best style of the 70’s and its great exponent Brigitte Bardot or without him, just as the actress Yesterday, Lily James.

Lily James used the Shaggy Bob medium long hair and without bangs.

Without a doubt, a court with all the wave rock that are imposed on deposit in trends.

A option Shaggy with bangs whole.

Why not have to leave the house with wet hair

Why? Simple. The hair may begin to lose brightness and even the scalp may be start to crack. In an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaarthe specialist Natalia Guerrerorevealed that, in addition, the moisture that it takes the wet hair deteriorates, little by little, the cell membrane of the hair.

“It is one of the main reasons why we acatarramos with greater ease, but also one of the most common causes of the fall of the hair”explained the professional.

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