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Shakira accused of evading £ 13,000,000 in taxes in Spain

Shakira accused of evading £ 13,000,000 in taxes in Spain

The Spanish police have officially set their sights on the problem of Shakira’s tax evasion.

Spanish prosecutors have presented a report on the alleged actions of the singer due to the influx of “sufficient evidence.”

As a result of all this, the singer could be jailed if convicted of evading £ 13 million in taxes for a total of four years.

Through Subway And conclusions, Shakira used shell companies to disguise the control of its assets between 2012 and 2014 and only emerged, legally, in countries considered “safe havens”.

However, the singer immediately began to fight the accusations and believes that since her 2012-2014 tax residence was in the Bahamas, she does not need to pay Spanish income tax, also known as d ‘IRPF.

He also admitted that their visits to the country were only “sporadic” during the three-year period and, therefore, they have no legal responsibility.

The case has been open since the beginning of 2019 and when Shakira appeared in court to “help clarify the facts about her tax situation in Spain.”

A spokesperson for the singer even released a statement at the time and cleared up the lingering confusion over her legal status, as everything has been “cleared up” as of 2021.

Reportedly, “As soon as she learned how much she owed to the Spanish tax authorities, and before a complaint was filed, Shakira paid the full amount, while providing the tax office with complete information. For this reason, there is currently no debt.

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