Shakira again against Pique in the new song Copa Vacìa: video

Shakira’s new song in collaboration with Manuel Turizo is about a woman being neglected by her man.

Shakira preparing to release new catchphrase: only a few days left before the release Vasiy Cupnew song by the Colombian singer in collaboration with Manuel Turisowhich comes out next June 29.

Shakira becomes a siren in a new song

Vasiy Cup marks the singer’s first collaboration with a compatriot Manuel Turiso. “We made a movie,” reads the caption to the post, published by two artists for the official announcement of the new song. In order to pass the wait and, above all, to attract the attention of her fans, the Colombian singer has circulated on social networks some hints and small previews of the new song, in which Shakira plays the role of a beautiful little mermaid with pink hair..

Indeed, in the photos posted on Instagram, Shakira is gorgeous as an aquatic mythological creature with thick hair. light pink hair This iridescent blue scaly tail“Want some stuff? I have twenty, ”the singer writes in a photo in which she is captured from behind, leaning on her tail among the stones by the sea. The phrase is not random, as it is a verse of the song part of your worldwhich is part of the movie soundtrack Mermaid Disney, both the 1989 version and a brand new live-action film with Holly Bailey.

excavations at Peak

As was the case with previous catchphrases Music session #53 and with I asked you niceAlso Vasiy Cup seems to be full of not too veiled references to Gerard Piqué, former partner of the Colombian singer. In fact, in the new song that will be released, we are talking about a woman who is neglected by her man and who, fully conscious of his own worth, decides to rebel against this condition: “You are always busy with such matters, relax here on the couch and give me your attention,” the song sings. “You don’t have to be a poet to soften my ear. Let go of the phone, take your hand on me. I know you’re fine but I’m much betterAnd again: “I have been thirsty for a long time, I don’t know why, I still have a desire to drink more and a desire to drink from an empty cup. I’ve been thirsty for a long time, I don’t know why.”

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