Shakira and Lewis Hamilton “more than friends”: latest news

It’s been three months since then first rumors about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton and despite the painstaking work of the paparazzi, the alleged couple has not yet been found. No joint shots, except for those in the company of friends, not to mention the much coveted kiss photo to materialize gossip. Nevertheless, the most knowledgeable newspapers, from England to Spain through the United States, are convinced that there is some tenderness between them. Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are more than friendsThislatest couple summer news.

Shakira has been crowned as the most coveted single in showbiz. Lewis Hamilton, as well as Tom Cruise, NBA champion Jimmy Butler and Rosalia Rau’s ex-fiance Alejandro. in recent weeks they have been joined by the Colombian singer’s press after rumors and suspicious sightings in the same places, which meant a lot of smoke but little fire. While the story between ex Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti continues at full speed (the couple is ready to move into the house in Barcelona where Pique and Shakira lived the first years of the relationship and where the couple’s first child, Milan, was born), The 46-year-old man is still officially unmarried.

In the list of alleged boyfriends, Shaq today seems to be Hamilton is the most quoted to break his heartat least according to the latest rumors. These two would have met in Ibiza in the last days.This was reported by a source of the Spanish TV channel Telecinco. Secret meetings at Shakira’s Isla mansion, or rather three during the week of the diva’s stay in the Balearic Islands, where even Hamilton spends his holidays on a yacht with friends. Lewis and Shakira always dined together in Ibiza. “Shakira only left his house twice, once to see Bizarrap and the other to have dinner with Hamilton,” the insider said, adding that Hamilton’s driver assured he would witness “constant conversations” between the athlete and the band’s singer. . “Waka Waka”.

Lewis and Shakira have been seen together several times. fueling rumors about their alleged relationship. She’s in the paddock of the Miami, Barcelona and Silverstone Grand Prix, followed by boat rides, dinners and dance parties (the last in mid-July at Tape London nightclub in London) are just some of the signs of attendance. confirmed People.

Inform fans about current attendance status Spanish journalist Jody Martin. “I would like to refute the news published in the Catalan newspaper, according to which Hamilton is tired of Shakira’s attitude,” his words were transmitted daily mail“I can categorically refute this information, because I spoke with Shakira’s entourage, and it was confirmed to me that there has always been a wonderful friendship between Shakira and Hamilton.”

Martin then confirms the flirting. and the desire to live without pressure. “It was confirmed to me that there was more than friendship between them. They both knew very clearly that there was nothing serious but total freedom to do what they wanted.” Was or is there still?

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