Shakira and Pique like Spalletti and ADL: there is a caveat

Gerard Piqué and Shakira return to the pages of the gossip column, the division between them taking on an almost Italian shape with a paragraph in the middle.

A bit like what is happening in Italy with Spalletti, Napoli and the national team… there is a very specific point that now keeps fans of the pop star and former footballer on their toes.

Shakira Piqué, have a paragraph
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This is one of the gossip that causes the most interest in the world. Barcelona fans and fans of the pop star are watching with great attention. It’s a tricky situation between Pique and Shakiraaccusations of treason and a line of arguments now devour the days in between.

They are too famous characters, the former Barcelona player works in various fields, and the world star is often talked about because of his friendship with Lewis HamiltonFormula 1 champion. Meanwhile, from a regulatory point of view, a curious detail emerges.

One point too many, what’s going on?

Second Mdz There is something unexpected about the divorce agreements that puts the pop star in a position to dictate the law or almost, a limitation that will certainly lead to more nervousness in the matter. In fact, Shakira would put a fundamental condition: take care of the education of children, they would live with her in America and never have to see Gerard’s new companion. Piqué.

Article by Shakira Pique
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The protector is displaced precisely because the time spent with children will inevitably be reduced in this way. Piqué received consent to see his two children every ten days and travel to the United States to spend time with them and not with his family. Companion Chiara Chia. Actually brother came to brother’s wedding Dry no from Shakira Who kept the kids out: The pop star doesn’t want to date kids with what could be considered a sort of stepmother.

The gossip that keeps Spain on their toes is still a very important topic in terms of gossip. Engage the fans of the pop star… who has gone on to global success after the breakup anyway, as well as the fans of the former defender who has gone into business since his retirement. Will there be a further agreement between the two exes? At the moment this Shakira to set the law Prohibition is another weapon in a battle that is far from over.

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