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Shakira and Piqué, Malú and Albert Rivera: the photos that threaten their right to privacy

This weekend has been especially turbulent for Shakira and Piqué. The couple has been in the news for the altercation that the Blaugrana player has had against a photographer who has immortalized photos of him and his family during his holidays in Oyambre, Cantabria.

The couple and their children, Milan and Sasha sThey were surfing on the beach when a paparazzi took several snapshots without permission from those portrayed.

Pique, Noticing this, he tried to convince the photographer to delete the photographs, taken without his consent. He did not succeed and the photos have already been published in a magazine.

It is the case that both Shakira and Piqué usually share in their social networks some moments that they share with their children or together, as a couple, so it is incomprehensible that it is difficult to respect their family privacy when they prefer it.

Malú and Albert Rivera and their family vacations in Switzerland

This weekend, Viva el verano has also shown some images of Malú and Albert Rivera during their summer vacations in Switzerland, specifically in Zurich where they traveled in the first half of August to enjoy a family trip, away from the cameras and seeking anonymity.

The couple has always managed, with the utmost discretion, their relationship and family life. This is what the interpreter of Weaving Wings did during her pregnancy, the birth of Lucy and the beginnings of their courtship. Something that many media are not willing to respect.

And although it is true that the snapshots are very beautiful and show the love that the couple processes, they are moments that are part of their intimacy and that they have the right to keep them in their private sphere.

The right to privacy in the Spanish constitution

Article 18 of the Spanish Constitution guarantees every natural person their right to enjoy their privacy, which translates into the following aspects:

  • Personal and family privacy, honor and self-image cannot be attacked by another person.
  • The domicile is inviolable, in such a way that a third party will only have access to it by authorization of the tenants or judicial.
  • Communications may not be intercepted at anyone’s whim either.

The Right to privacy protects the private sphere from the person in his dimension from subject individual and with its environment family

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