Shakira Caught in the Hair Salon in Full Tint! Look at the Photos: “Scare!”


Shakira has returned to Barcelona with the batteries charged. Now that she has more free time, for a short time, she wants to spend more time with her children and her partner, Gerard Piqué. Because of the Super Bowl, she didn’t even have time to celebrate her birthday with them.

The Colombian is one of the most important faces in the international music scene. It is known around the world and it has been achieved thanks to a lot of sacrifices. Since she came of age she did not stop. She is about to celebrate three decades in the world of music, her great passion.

Despite this, Shakira can continue to surprise both professionally and personally. If her followers believed they knew everything about her, they were wrong. It keeps the odd mystery, as shown on social networks, where it has become very active. Sasha and Milan’s mother has discovered her passion for skateboarding.

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Soccer mom and skate mom!

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A sport that has become hooked thanks to her children, Sasha and Milan. In fact, in the photograph that she has published with a very urban and youthful look, the Colombian holds the skateboard of one of the little ones. In recent months, Piqué’s couple has had an agenda full of professional commitments and has spent most of the time away from home, for this reason, they have not been able to spend time with their children. Now that has changed.

Shakira wants to make up for the lost time and has devoted herself to her mothering now that she has a little more free time. Dressed in a balaclava, leggings, sweater, and flannel, Shakira went to the park to spend an afternoon of games with her boys. As well counts in the publication, Shakira must not only know how to handle a skate, also a ball, although for that better dad. Piqué has transferred his love for soccer to them.

Sasha and Milan are two cracks with the ball and point ways, although it is still early to know if they will finally dedicate themselves to football like their father. Why not music? Meanwhile, Shakira is focused on creating the video clip for I like it, a song she performs alongside Anuel AA.

The artist is still determined to change her look. It seems that she has not yet decided and has not found the style in which she feels most flattering. With her latest collaborations, she is already showing us that we are facing a new woman in every way. This is the year of Shakira. And so they have photographed her in the middle of the dye in a hair salon. “It scares”, they write to him.