Shakira celebrates the love of her life’s birthday with an unpublished photo

Shakira celebrates the love of her life’s birthday with an unpublished photo.The 46-year-old singer used her official Instagram account to send his father, william barrack.

“Happy birthday to my best friend and love of my life,” the Colombian composer also wrote at the bottom of the photo with his father, who both looked happy.

Let us remember that, a few months ago, the translations of many hits such as “La tortura”, “Días de enero” and “Monotonía”, Shakira has had a difficult time due to Don William’s health crisisBut luckily he recovered and today he is 92 years old.

‘My parents are the best examples of resilience’, Shakira

gap between Shakira and Gerard Pique It continued to bring the conversation to light when the Colombian singer spoke to People in which she shared the process she’s been going through since leaving the former Barcelona footballer.Also, he reveals who he is The man of her life.

Shakira, who is now living in Miami, has seen her life change dramatically when she was seen dating Lewis Hamilton until she flew to Colombia to support her father, William Maybarak, who is in ill health.

The translator of “Ojos Así” confessed how she discovered Pique’s infidelity while his father was in hospital. “I learned from the media that I was betrayed while my dad was in ICU.”I didn’t think I would live that long,” says Barranquilla. Furthermore, she admits her father is the man of her life.

Shakira's father is in poor health

Shakira is the pride of her parents


“He’s an amazing guy and a character everyone loves. He’s overcome COVID, two accidents, one pneumonia, five surgeries… My dad is the best example of resilience’, he admitted.

Shakira responds after being asked about love

After a recent controversial trip to London, shakira She returned to Miami and upon arrival received disturbing questions from a reporter, whom the Colombian singer decided to confront in the middle of the airport.

And the reporter’s timing wasn’t quite right either, asking the question as he walked to his car, accompanied by his two children. That led to a forceful response from the Colombians.

Shakira was escorted by security to leave the airport holding hands with her two children, but as she was about to get into the car, Leonel Arguelles, a reporter for El Gordo and La Flaca, approached to get the singer’s statement; however, everything All out of control.

Shakira celebrates the love of her life's birthday with an unpublished photo


Shakira isn’t silent after being asked about love in front of her kids


Everything was fine until Shakira asked reporters to say hello to her fans, before sending them a kiss before asking about her latest music and her recent stay in Europe. smoothly.

The next question is about his kids, they go to the same school as Messi’s kids, one of them is smiling, everything is going well.

Shakira’s most uncomfortable moment came when she was about to get into the car, because The reporter asked her if she would give him a chance in lovethings get out of hand: “Please show me some respect”Shakira immediately got into the truck and left after responding.

Let’s keep in mind that Shakira hasn’t come out to deny or confirm all the rumors about her love life. He is said to have a relationship with the Formula 1 driver, lewis hamiltonBut there are also rumors that she is dating NBA player Jimmy Butler.

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