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Shakira in a white minidress and the ideal neckline for small busts

Shakira is one of the most beloved artists in the world and it is that his music has become a brand of pop culture, but not only his talent is the reason why he is admired.

The artist has transformed the world of fashion, wearing Seductive outfits without the need for an exaggerated bust, becoming a trend to be followed by those women with small breasts, like her.

He is not afraid to show his naturalness at all times And you can go from the most elegant looks to its most simple and informal version without any problem.

The singer tends to show that the best method to look attractive is to love herself, Well, if looking at yourself in the mirror you like what you see, then you will feel sure of yourself at all times, whatever you wear.

However, a little extra help does not go wrong and Shakira is the perfect example of how to look radiant and beautiful with garments that enhance our bust.

This was demonstrated with an outfit that highlighted the naturalness of her figure with a white minidress with a neckline.

Shakira shows us the ideal cleavage for girls with little bust

On one of the red carpets the interpreter attended, she dazzled with a White dress with gold details and silver that had a sweetheart neckline

The dress had a cut very similar to a corsetThis allowed the waist to look much smaller and give the feeling that the bust was higher.

A trick that the singer used to highlight the area much more was to wear the hair completely collected, this gives more visibility to the area.

In this way, the neckline stands out much more, although the bust is small, the elegance and sensuality steal all the attention.

In addition, the dress centered most of the rhinestones in the neckline area, another factor that added attention to the area.

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