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Brazil is one of the major music the biggest in the world, and a few times themselves to be seduced by the artists who are not from your country, sing in Portuguese and they belong to that mainstream, in the English, that sounds in every corner of the earth. The country has more than 210 million people, more than four times the population of Colombia, the ratio of the weight of the artists from the rest of Latin america, will want to paste your music into their territories, and to be able to recognition and therefore to be able to offer a concert in that nation.

Only a few, very few, are the artists of the Spanish language, which has been successful in Brazil. In fact, it is common to hear on the radio stations in the country, such as Light Music Soda Stereo-or Bubbles of love Juan Luis Guerra, but it is in Portuguese, and performed by local artists. Without a doubt, the main barrier is the language, as the official figures indicate that only 5.5 million of brazilian people can hold a conversation in Portuguese. In short, the citizens of Brazil, they prefer to listen to american hits, before that, Latin.

Despite the fact that it is difficult, and many of the artists on the Latin, have tried a few, with luck, the other is supported by a giant to his fans, and one pair was unsuccessful in their attempt. The reggaeton was able to hit a very small portion of brazil, mainly through the participation of the singer Anitta with artists of the genre, such as the user’s, or J Balvin, but it is still a long way to Brazil to be seduced by the language we speak.

Let’s remember some of the colombians that have a simple to win over the tough brazilian.

How To Be A G

The career landscape in the world, took on a whole new level with the launch of the Tusa Nicky Minaj, but before you try to get into the universe of the English How to be a G he tried to flirt with the brazilian market. The album Tusa in the year 2018, the artist has recorded The Life went on, the subject that is produced by Ovy ” On The Drums, with the intellectual look of the sisters of the dvd soteropolitanas well-known in the music, such as Simone & I. The song is played somewhat on the radio in Brazil, but it’s the highest accolade of the sisters of Mendez to learn more about the voice in We. In fact, it’s one of the best tracks from this album. The Mega-recommended

The user of the

Yes or No it is a simple-to-Anitta is included on their fourth album and is considered to be the first step taken by the brazilian music, in Portuguese. The impact of a single business in Brazil was a giant and also taking into account that this was a very important year for the user, in this season, it launched a partnership with Thalia, Ricky Martin, and Shakira. Thanks to the simple user, has debuted on several tv shows in Brazil.


In the year 2012, is a collaboration of the MTV Unplugged Juanes has Today, I’m going to the singer from minas gerais, Paula Fernandez, regarded as one of the singers in the pop to be very relevant in the twenty-first century. The event was sponsored by the record label of the Singer, on television in Brazil, and it sounds on the radio stations in the country.

Carlos Vives

In July of 2011, and due to the impact of the various players in football, Michel Teló has become a universal phenomenon, with the launch of the single Ai Se Eu Te Pego. After two years of this boom and has worked with Carlos Vives in a song, How to love your body, ” a song that is bilingual in that it combines, in a way, the universe, the music of both artists. The song was widely circulated on radio stations, pop, Colombia, and Brazil.

In 2013, the brazilian band’s Extraordinary to Oz and recorded it on a cover of the song Fresh Fruit writing for a Living, under the title of The promised. The one theme that keeps the essence of the folk-version of the Carlos Vives, but with a more prominent role for the electric guitar.


After having conquered the whole of Latin America and Spain, and their first album Her Bare Feet and “Where are the thieves? She has taken on the challenge to learn Portuguese and translate it to the language of their greatest hits up to that time. In 1997, Sony Music Latin released on the first disc of the compilation album of the Video, titled ” The Remixes, which included three songs in Spanish: A Little Bit Of Love, I’m Right Here and Her Bare Feetin the translation which was led by the poet from rio de janeiro, Bernardo Vilhena. The songs, in particular, I’m Herehave an event, a giant in Brazil that She started booking gigs in towns and cities of the country.

At the Rock In Rio festival In 2012 She was invited to the bed of his performance with the brazilian Ivete Sangalo to sing along to the classic The Tropical Country. For a show that is set up in two days, but they showed the gratitude of the world for Brazil.

Months later, Ivete Sangalo released on the internet on the a single Dancing whose song comes with two versions: one with Video and one without it. The idea was that the track from the outside is included in the album The Actual Fantasy for the 2012 season, but because of problems with the fans will never be able to achieve the participation of Shakira in the album.

James Cross

One of the disks of the most successful pop music of colombia is The crossing of the Paths the ibaguereño Santiago, the Cross, and that includes in the song And if you do get it?. Ten years after it was released, the artist has released an album, especially with the latest versions of their hits and told them that, for the first time in his career, he would have to work closely with an artist from the Spanish-speaking. The theme has been released And if you get in collaboration with the minas gerais-Ana Carolina Sousa. The album opened the door for the Brazilian to Cross, but a huge fan of Anne’s.

J Balvin

As a user of the admission ticket to the music of a reggaetonero, to the country and he work together. In the list there are the ‘feats’ with Jeon-in MachikaMc Fioti-in Bump Bump Size Size, and Anitta, Tropkillaz, in The Ball Rolls. The only thing that’s missing is a view Balvin’s singing in Portuguese, for its project in Brazil is as renowned as it is in the rest of the world.

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