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Shakira recorded a fun moment with her children making pancakes and the result generated laughter

These days, the renowned singer


It has been shown enjoying her facet as a mother, Well, after posting a v

ideo dancing to the rhythm of J Balvin with Sasha and Milan

shared a fun time in the kitchen also in the company of his two young children.

In the feed of her Instagram account, the Barranquillera published a video in which showed his culinary skills, experience that she described herself as quite an “adventure”.

With the theme of ‘Mission impossible’ in the background, the singer recorded herself in the kitchen preparing some delicious pancakes while her two sons gave her some instructions and encouraged her.

“The best ‘pancaker’ in the world”, she hears his youngest son Sasha say while the famous one tries to turn one of the tortillas.

At the end of the clip, the singer showed how her preparation was, resulting in burnt pancakes.

Followers of the ‘Girl like me’ interpreter reacted with laughter to the publication in which they jokingly pointed out that “As a cook she is a very good singer”, in addition to highlighting the tenderness of their children that despite the result they considered her the best cook.

The clip was so furious that in less than 24 hours it got more than a million reactions and thousands of comments.

“Seeing that Shakira does not have pretty pancakes, I no longer feel so bad” – “The important thing is that the diners support you!” – “Keep singing better hehehe❤️” were some of the comments of his followers.

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