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Shakira reflects on life and the passing of time

On September 6 Shakira shared a post with his parents on the occasion of his father’s 90th birthday. «You have propelled my steps and you have lit my path«, Then expressed that of Barranquilla.

This special birthday has made Shakira reflect on what is truly important in life and on the passage of time. A deep reflection that he wanted to share publicly with his followers.

«Remembering how loved and celebrated he is by everyone around him has made me reflect on my own life and wonder if one day, like him, I will be able to reach an advanced age clothed with so much and sincere love«She expressed this on her social networks along with a video dancing happily with her father.

«Not because of the songs I’ve written or the ideas that have occurred to me, not because of my artistic footprint but because of my legacy«, Clarified the artist. She then saw herself taking stock of her life from the point of view of her behavior with others.

In addition, he made an important reflection that we have burned ourselves and that surely on many occasions has been the engine of his life: «They say that life is a sneeze, but perhaps one with which you can infect many with joy«.

The purest love for Shakira

Shakira continued in her reflection praising the figure of her father and what he means to her. He also took the opportunity to make a profile of this, leaving evidence in all that, in addition to being a writer by profession, he has always stood out for having «a creative soul«.

«At his age, words may become more and more elusive or bright ideas may appear less and less frequently in his fertile mind.«, He also regretted Shakira. However, he celebrates knowing that the mark he has already left on the world at 90 years of age is indelible «because what is truly important is not devoured by the jaws of time«.

In the video that accompanies the text, father and daughter appear dancing holding hands, proof that the family spent a great day of celebration full of love and affection for the patriarch.

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