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Shakira shares shocking photo of her son Sasha in martial arts

Sasha Piqué's shocking kick, which Shakira shared on Instagram, immediately went viral.

Sasha Piqué’s shocking kick, which Shakira shared on Instagram, immediately went viral.

Instagram / Screenshot

Superstar Shakira does not stop wasting love and pride for her beautiful and talented offspring, the fruit of her love with soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Goodbye to privacy when there are moments so precious that it is worth immortalizing on Instagram, where the pop artist has more than 70 million followers.

One of those treasured movie moments was captured Saturday during martial arts classes for Sasha, the youngest six-year-old son.

In the image, which quickly went viral, little Sasha shows impressive skill in practicing a combat technique in various disciplines of martial arts: the flying kick.

Dressed in red and spiked hair, Sasha combines balance, abdominal strength and precise technique to deliver an enviable kick with a bearing in the style of Shang-Chi, the superhero from the new Marvel movie.

“My little ninja!” Shakira wrote in the caption of the photo, without detailing which study she was in or which martial arts discipline her child is learning.

“The talent of that flying kick is inherited from Shak, right at the end of a concert,” one of Shakira’s fans, user @omaardleon, wrote in the comments of the publication.

The viral photo was published just a week after a video that Shakira posted on her networks, where she is seen preparing pancakes with Sasha and Milan, eight years old.

But nothing has captured the emotion of her followers more than the tender recent photos, when the interpreter took her children to teach them to suffer in a Wavegarden water park.

Shakira not only surfs, but also boxing. And fighting tastes very good, for a reason she is called La Loba.

Some time ago, the singer showed up on a surprise visit to the Miami Beach Police to practice boxing.

Wearing gloves, the Barranquilla showed off hitting a bag held by one of the uniformed men and with perfect handling of her famous hips.

You can see that their children are also very athletic, something that was to be expected, following in the footsteps of the central Barcelona Football Club, popularly known as Barça, the heartbreaker Piqué.

Like her father, Sasha’s pulse does not tremble on her slim flying kick.

These have been days full of emotions for the diva Shakira. First, his father, William Mebarak, turned 90 years old and Shakira paid him a heartfelt tribute after celebrating his party in Miami with his father.

Subsequently, Shakira made the official launch of its first non-fungible tokens (NFTs), venturing into the digital art of cryptography.

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