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Shakira showed in VIDEO that she DOES NOT know how to cook; that’s how her children’s breakfast was burned

In 1998, Shakira public “Where are the thieves?”, his second studio album. Among the songs that were included in the production is “That come back“, in which there is a stanza that became a reality thanks to a publication made by the Colombian.

“And what am I going to do with my selective neglect; and with my frustrated dream of learning to cook”, is part of the seventh track on the album.

Through Instagram, the artist released a video in which he can be seen cooking pancakes for his son’s breakfast; however, the result is not as expected.

This clip was recovered by the show program “The fat and the skinny“, which showed the moment in which the interpreter of” Pies descalzos “showed that her talent is on stage and not behind the stove.

Although the artist He changed the pan in order to have a better result, this dessert continued to burn, while Gerard Piqué’s children also laugh at what happened at home.

The skills in the kitchen of the singer-songwriter, which has sold more than 80 million records throughout the world in its three decades of career, were completely discarded when the pan began to smoke excessively.

Despite this, in the clip a caption was shown at the end that says: “The best “pancaker” in the world “, which could be translated as “the best cook in hot cakes in the world”.

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