Shakira sues rappers over offensive music


Shakira will sue two rappers, according to the Spanish press. According to the newspaper El País, the Colombian singer decided to take legal action against the musicians, the German Kalazh44 and the Lebanese Samra because of a song they recorded, offending the artist and her country.

As soon as she heard about the topic, which bears her name, she ordered her lawyers to start the process.

In the theme, they call it rudely and relate it to drugs.

“Draw Colombian coca like Shakira“, is one of the phrases in the song that irritated the artist.

Kalazh44 said in a clip he posted on Instagram: “Shakira, in case you see this, I want you to know that we admire you a lot. We really like your music and we don’t want any problems. Oh, and Piqué, you play really well ”.

The supposed cover of the song called ‘Shakira’ went viral on the networks, where the artist appears seated with a note wrapped around her eyes fixed on what appears to be several lines of cocaine on a table.

According to the international press, rappers can face a millionaire dispute if they can’t retract what they said in the song.

Radical hobby in quarantine

In addition to enjoying the family during the quarantine, Shakira has done many different things to enjoy the time while protecting herself against the coronavirus.

She recently completed an online philosophy course and after studying began to dedicate herself to a new sport: skateboarding.

The 40-year-old singer has become an expert in the new game, and this week she shared a photo of her holding her favorite skateboard, and captioned the image, saying: “Put a new hobby in your life !!”.

In May, when she revealed her new hobby to her followers, she joked: “It was that or pottery”.

The artist remains in social isolation alongside her partner Gerard Piqué, her parents, and their children, in Spain.


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