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Shakira surprises her followers with a new futuristic look

Throughout his musical career, Shakira He has gone through various looks and has reflected it in several of his music videos. But now the singer surprised her fans with a futuristic outfit with a noble intention behind it.

The singer has gone through a grunge stage in “Inevitable”, going through the oriental style in “Suerte”, to more modern outfits in her latest singles, but she had never gone through this look that shows her in vintage futuristic styles with certain airs to characters like Wonder Woman and a modern version of Xena.

Shakira dazzles with futuristic outfits

Through several publications on her Instagram account, Shakira showed a collection of illustrations in which the singer is the protagonist. These are based on a dystopian and futuristic world which is dominated by the female sex and in which not only humans but also several alien species live on a planet with a pink atmosphere.

In the series of four images, the interpreter of “Pies Descalzos” she wore various futuristic outfits, all of them dominated by tight silver-colored garments such as bikinis and one-piece leotards. It could also be seen that in the arts she wore metallic accessories such as bracelets and necklaces, as well as some daring high boots with thick heels.

In several of the illustrations, Shakira can be seen fighting and hunting hostile aliens, as well as posing with a troop of futuristic soldiers at her back while holding a similar-looking weapon to the rest of her clothing.

But one of the images that most attracts the attention of the singer’s followers is one in which flies out with her husband Gerard Pique, who was immortalized in art with an angelic concept, drawn with prominent white feathered wings, gladiator sandals and antique-style cloth underwear.

Feedback from fans

Through the various posts the singer made about futuristic concept arts, several of her fans filled the comment section with all sorts of diverse responses.

Much of his followers praised Shakira’s work and the artist in charge of making the illustrations, Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic, who has not only worked with the singer but also with other public figures such as Lionel Messi and even for large companies such as Sony.

“Without a doubt this is an incredibly legendary art”, “You look beautiful with those metallic clothes, I want the same outfit” and “You look like a goddess, I love you” were some of the comments from her fans.

However, there were also several who got confused and they thought these images would be part of their next album. Comments like “I’m the only one who thought this would be the cover of his new album” and “I thought you were announcing a new album” were popular in the publications.

Illustrations have a good intention

Through the descriptions of her posts regarding the futuristic images, Shakira explained that she made this collaboration with Bosslogic in order to auction these “non-fungible tokens” in order to raise money, which will be allocated to the Pies Descalzos Foundation.

While the value of the items is unknown, fans interested in owning Shakira’s tokens can take part in the auction at the MakersPlace. “Each limited edition collector will enter a raffle to win a one-of-a-kind signed version. Collectors can buy additional editions to increase their chances of winning, “reported the portal where the auction is hosted.

As a special feature, non-fungible tokens are carbon neutral; therefore, gas emissions will be calculated based on the electrical energy used. This will help the conservation of the forests and the preservation of the environment.

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