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Shakira surprises when releasing the remix of ‘Don’t Wait Up’

Singer Shakira surprised by releasing, without any warning, a remix of his song ‘Don’t Wait Up’ on his official YouTube channel.

The song was originally released last summer, achieving moderate success on the popularity charts and generating at least 32 million views.

At the moment it is not known if this remix will be part of the new album that the Colombian singer would be preparing and of which in The Truth News we tell you.

Listen to the remix of ‘Don’t Wait Up’

In the last hours of this September 26 The Colombian published a new video on her social networks, being the remix of her most recent song ‘Don’t Wait Up’.

‘Don’t Wait Up’ was written and produced by Shaki, belonging to the new musical era of the Colombian and from which an album will come out in 2022.

It is expected that with the release of the remix the song can regain strength in networks and especially in TikTok where a trend was even launched by the singer herself.

Shakira’s next projects

Shakira’s next projects

Just in this last month, the Colombian decided to reinvent herself, once again, and introduced herself to the world of digital art by launching “La Caldera”, an NFT that includes four unpublished musical pieces.

This production is not related to the new CD announced by the Colombian and that it intends to go on the market in 2022.

As we indicate you Shakira has also launched this year “Dont ‘Wait Up”, a lead single that may be part of his next record production and which already has a remix.

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