Shakira would have forgiven J Balvin after the teasing

The relationship between Shakira and J Balvin They are not the most cordial, despite being the two greatest exponents of Latin American music worldwide.

What really happened between these two singers? Is there a rivalry between them? To who FMDOS we tell you all the details.

Rihanna enters the game

In 2017, Shakira and Rihanna gave us a collaboration that ignited social networks with the song “Can’t Remember to Forget You”.

For 2018, J Balvin began to gain strength on the international scene and in an interview he was consulted for Rihanna, making disparaging comments to the interpreter of “Umbrella”.

“Rihanna is not a woman to marry, she is just to have a good time”Balvin commented.

When this happened, there were rumors that Shakira and J Balvin they were preparing a collaboration together, but from the feedback, Shakira would have decided to cancel the project.

The teasing of Balvin

To better understand where the bad vibes would come from between Shakira and J Balvin, we must go back to 2020.

In a magazine interview Billboard, they were present black Eyed Peas by Zoom, accompanied by Maluma and J Balvin.

The American band was meeting to promote their new album, which experienced Latin sounds and featured collaborations with Maluma, J Balvin and Shakira.

Everything was going well, until the presenter asked Will.I.Am with whom he had to be more flexible, if with Maluma or with Balvin, to which the band’s vocalist replied: “With Shakira”.

This response caused laughter from J Balvin, while the rest of the guests at the Zoom looked on without understanding much and laughed nervously.

After the awkward moment, Maluma came to Shakira’s defense, saying “Hey friend, that’s not funny at all”.

Remember that Shakira and Maluma They have given us some collaborations that have not made us dance and that shows the good vibes between them.

For its part, J Balvin added: “I’ve never worked with Shakira … I suppose that’s the way it should be”. changed her answer, the one that caused the laughter in Balvin, and expressed that it had been like a school of learning to collaborate with Shakira due to the strict way in which she works.

“In fact, I learned a lot from her because her way of working is as if you were in school. She knows every aspect of a song and helped me improve many things (…) first step 1, then step 2, then 3… “explained Will.I.Am.

But Balvin turned against Shakira, saying: “Then she takes you back to step 1. you can get to step 7 or 10 and at the end you go back to 1. 1 is 1”, answered J Balvin between laughs.

Super Bowl 2020

One of the latest achievements of Shakira It was his participation in the halftime of the 2020 Super Bowl next to Jennifer Lopez. They were accompanied by Bad bunny, the Puerto Rican singer, and of the same J Balvin.

J Balvin participated with Jennifer Lopez, While Bad bunny appeared in the number of Shakira.

All good, until a year later, for the edition of the Super Bowl 2021, J Balvin decided to publish his 2020 presentation next to JLo, with whom he interpreted “My people”.

What caused the anger among Shakira’s fans was that in the singer’s publication, he pointed out that Jennifer Lopez was the queen.

“Super Bowl 2020 @jlo respect for the Queen”, was what he wrote in the post published on his profile.

J Balvin On Instagram
Credits: @jbalvin

Hours later, hundreds of fans commented on his publication stating that the queen was Shakira.

Did Shakira forgive J Balvin?

Shakira He surprised all his followers by sharing a video on social networks where he appears dancing with his children Milan and Sasha.

But it wasn’t just any song, it was “In Da Ghetto” from J Balvin. Yes, Shakira and her children were dancing to a song by the singer.

What will Shakira want to tell us with this publication? Did they make peace between the singers?

It is rumored that between artists there is no intention of making a song together, but if it is different, time will tell.

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