Shakira’s ‘Anthology’ Story

One of Shakira’s most iconic songs was written for her first love and we do understand it.

When we begin to reap sad memories and broken hearts, at that moment we do not think that we can get the best of the benefits, from teachings to success itself. We live our feelings and we look for a way to express them and make them the most beautiful even though they have made us shed tears of pain, then, without noticing it, the best paintings, the best songs or even the best texts emerge.

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And so did Shakira, who after a painful breakup and his great love, one of the most beautiful hymns of his career was born: ‘Anthology’.

Shakira dedicated ‘Anthology’ to her first love

Shakira’s first love is Oscar Ulloa, a businessman from Colombia who had a tender affair with the singer. He met her in a bar in Barranquilla and fell completely in love from the first moment he saw her, for that reason, he decided to follow the trail of the Colombian woman until he found her address and visited her when she left her school. to at least catch a glimpse of her.

“I have to meet her, I have to meet her whatever,” thought Oscar when he saw the singer.

The businessman witnessed the growth in Shakira’s careerAlthough at first the music producers didn’t see much of a future in this one… until I did.

Oscar had appearances in the singer’s projects, among these in the video clip of ‘Where are you Love’ and they shared other jobs together, even being moved to Bogotá, however, it was he who decided to end their loving relationship so that she could continue alone and go as far as she was doing in her career.

The businessman broke up with the Colombian on February 14 and remembers that it was the right time.

“I think it was time, I think she had to continue alone and well, I was not wrong, she reached heaven,” he said.

There have been numerous times that Shakira, during her concerts, confesses that the lyrics were inspired by a person who gave him very happy moments and whom he loved with his soul. His first love.

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Shakira continued her career And she never imagined that the memories of her great love and the ravages of it would help her have the success that she reaped and that they positioned her as one of the best singers in pop culture.

‘Antología’ was released on November 18, 1996 and is part of the album ‘Pies Descalzos‘, material with which he took his first steps as a soloist and the discovery of what would become a great career.

The song could sound like a simple guitar and melancholic lyrics for 4 minutes and 18 seconds but it hurts a lifetime.


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