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Shakira’s dance that is all the rage in the networks do you dare to do it as a fit routine? – For You

It is nothing new that Shakira has an incredible mastery of her body, and especially some “hips that do not lie” (as her well-known hit says). The truth is that the Colombian, who also practices several sports, looks super healthy and fit, perhaps because of the benefits associated with all these movements. We propose you to try to learn it with a step-by-step tutorial and also to practice it in a Zumba type version.

A few days after having launched Don’t wait up, Shakira take the opportunity to spread it on social networks, which it handles more than well. .

Through your account Instagram, where she has more than 70 million followers, shared a video in which she was shown dancing to the rhythm of her most recent hit, taken in her own home, accompanied by a couple of dancers:

It’s about part of the coreo that appears in the music video of the song, which went viral among his followers, who do not stop copy it and share it on networks.

“To my dancers and me it took us a lot longer to get this right.! I can’t believe how fast you learn,” the singer wrote in the description.

If you were left with the desire to learn these steps, we leave you a tutorial that explains them step by step:

And also another video to move the body with the theme, but doing zumba:

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