Shakira’s impact on his followers, on the photo, you felt the fear?


She didn’t waste any time to show the love they have for their children, and now, on to the animals, there are no limits and no barriers

Video it’s a colombian superstar, with a lot of talent, and as demonstrated in the course of his career, and, in fact, in spite of having two hemosísimos children, and she is still fighting to hold on to their dreams.

His passion has led him to places that are so amazing that it in fact has become a kind of representation of all of Latin america.

Her love for children and animals, it is the most moving of the Videosince , therefore, it must be noted that the famous ” you have a big heart.

In this photo Video if it gets to kiss a whale, which, remember, are, of course, they are carnivorous, but even though I have been aware of this, the famous ” don’t you have imported, and if you dared to do this.

His personality and attitude, in order to deal with the problems that it causes, which we perceive as a full warrior, full of passion and a lot of love and talent to offer.