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Shakira’s reaction after Anthony Zambrano’s silver medal at Tokyo 2020

In the image the Colombian athlete Anthony Zambrano, and the singer Shakira.
In the image the Colombian athlete Anthony Zambrano, and the singer Shakira.

This Thursday, the Colombian athlete, Anthony Zambrano, he took the silver medal in the 400-meter dash at the Tokyo Olympics. After conquering the second place of the podium in this discipline, different Colombian personalities praised and congratulated the guajiro athlete through social networks, among them the singer Shakira.

Zambrano was second in the competition achieving a time of 44.08 seconds, after Bahamian athlete Steven Gardiner, who reached a time of 43.85 seconds, thus taking the gold medal. Third place was occupied by Granadino Kirani James, with 44.19 seconds.

“For you mother, I love you! I dedicate this achievement to 50 million Colombians. Anything is possible!” the guajiro athlete wrote on his Twitter account after winning the silver medal.

Following the victory of the 23-year-old athlete, Shakira, who recently debuted with her single ‘Don’t Wait Up’, he did not wait and wrote on his Twitter account: “This is unbelievable!! How proud I am of my compatriot!!!”.

However, the Colombian artist was not the only one to speak out after Zambrano won the silver medal. The Samarian footballer, Radamel Falcao, also let himself be carried away by the emotion of the athlete’s victory and expressed in the same social network:

“Congratulations Anthony Zambrano !!!! You made history. What a moment and what an emotion”, said ‘El Tigre’ through his Twitter account.

On the other hand, the Colombian singer-songwriter, Adriana Lucía, also expressed on the social network: “Anthony Zambrano, born in Maicao. Silver medal in #juegosolimpicosTokio2020. This is yours and those who believed in you. We are celebrating and crying with joy for the inspiration you are.”

Shakira, Falcao and Adriana Lucía were also joined by different personalities in Colombian politics, including President Iván Duque.

“Silver medal for Anthony Zambrano in the #JuegosOlímpicos #Tokyo2020! Congratulations! Thank you for giving this joy to our country. Anthony is an example of determination and resilience, inspiring the next generation of Colombian athletes. #ColombiaEnTokio,” the president said.

Among other regional governors who spoke out after the victory of the guajiro athlete were the governor of Atlántico, Elsa Noguera, and the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo.

“What a thrill! We’re so proud to see you get to the finish line Anthony Zambrano. since I met you I was certain that you were destined for great things. Thank you for representing us on high in #Tokyo2020 and bringing us that medal of ! #ZambranoEsDeOro,” was the message the Atlantic governor sent to Zambrano.

For his part, the mayor of Barranquilla wrote on his Twitter account: “Huge, Anthony! Your feet flew on that Tokyo runway. Your silver medal is in the books of Colombian and Caribbean sport. And all that you have to conquer!.

How much will Anthony Zambrano earn after taking the silver medal?

In the image the Colombian athlete Anthony Zambrano. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Boyers
In the image the Colombian athlete Anthony Zambrano. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

On July 23, the Ministry of Sports announced at the first opportunity the economic incentives that colombian athletes who will win gold, silver and bronze medals would take during their participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

– $56,340 to Colombian athletes who win a gold medal, which would be equivalent to more than 220 million Colombian pesos, according to the value of today’s dollar: $3,915.

– Competitors who win silver medals will receive $32,681, which with the price of the dollar as of today, would be more than 127 million Colombian pesos.

-For the athletes who reach the bronze they will receive 23,472 dollars, which would be 103 million Colombian pesos, taking into account the value of the dollar: $3,915.

Later, The Minister of Sports, Guillermo Herrera, reported that the values of those incentives would be increased.

According to those reported by the head of the Sports portfolio, the gold medal prizes were increased by 10%, that is, they will be about 240 million pesos, for the silver presea the value remained at 133 million, while athletes who win bronze would receive 95 million pesos.


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