Shakira’s wet dress and crazy wet look style.

Shakira has always been sexy in her videos and she was no less in the video of the song she performed with Karol G, titled TQG, “Te Quedo Grande”. This track was still dedicated to her ex, Gerard Piqué like many others. But in this song we are interested in Shakira’s wet dress, how is the wet look fashion?

It provides the sensuality it is characterized by as the wet look fashion allows you to glimpse the irresistible curves due to the wet effect.

How is the wet look styled and which other female actors love it?

The color of the wet outfit that Shakira is wearing in this video is somewhere between gold and beige, which gives the nude effect as if she is actually wearing nothing at all. The design is from the Greek company Di Petsa.

With the wet effect, it provides a wet look as if it just came out of the shower and is also a clear trend for this summer and the days ahead. Because it allows you to be fresh and above all sexy.

Shakira's wet dress and crazy wet look style

It is a minimal minidress with which the singer is walking around in this video clip as before and it is when one wonders how Piqué let go of such a body. The wet effect is always irresistible, making sure not to go unnoticed, and always making it look like someone has taken a water dive with the garment on.

We’ve seen these dresses on other celebrities and they confirm that sexy touch that everyone loves. Actress Zendaya wore a similar designed by Balmain to the 2021 Venice Film Festival.

These dresses are characterized by the fact that they cling to the body, flatter the curves, show few pronounced folds and fit so well that they look like a second skin.

There’s more, model Bella Hadid also wore a wet look dress. In this case, they were also from the Di Petsa signature, and he wore a white one, for example. A veritable craze that is on the rise and which, as we see, is always fit to make appearances at major events.

Shakira's wet dress and crazy wet look style

This second skin or wet look can be alternated with eye-catching jewelry to make them stand out more, Roman sandals, to walk barefoot as if we just came out of the shower. Ideally, the hair is also worn wet like this, pulled back for a completely wet look from head to toe. You will not be able to resist.

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