Shanik Berman has Lyme disease

Shanik Berman has been going through a rough time in his personal life; Just as her son died in June 2004, now another health challenge has been added to the complex list.

The host, who used the “Hoy” space to talk about the show with colleagues and morning viewers, was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, which is caused by insects.

“I want to tell you that I have Lyme disease, which is deer tick disease. I’m saying that because it happens a lot in the northern United States, but there have been cases in Mexico. I also mention it because it is confused with depression or mononucleosis. You feel so tired that you can’t even lift your arms, and it’s something that attacks your nerves.Shanik commented, unable to hold back his tears.

With this revelation, the reporter joins the list of people who will have to endure this situation from now on, Thalia and Justin Bieber are the most well-known cases in the entertainment industry.

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