Sharapova discovers their privacy during the quarantine


The Russian Maria Sharapova has launched a peculiar way to be connected with his followers and has provided a phone number to exchange text messages with them, promising to answer all of them during the quarantine by the coronavirus.

In your Instagram, Sharapova, 32-year-old announced his retirement from tennis on February 26, encourages his followers to do so.

“I tried to find the way to be in touch with all my followers because last week I had a great time doing a videoconference with 150 of you”says Masha.

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“I loved to chat and would want to be more connected with the fans because we are all going through the confinement. I want to write to me what you think. I leave a phone number and I can send any message you will come directly to my cell, the same that I am taking now. I’m going to respond”adds.

In the video “Of truth. Tell me how you will, make me questions, or just say hello ???? Any great recipe is welcome,too,” add the siberian in your message that ends with a “please, do it.”

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