Shares Of Facebook Fell, The Gara-Gara Corona, Mark Zuckerberg Lost $ 58 trillion US dollars.


Corona VIRUS, or COVID-19 in fact, given the extraordinary impact on various fields. Much of the negative side is perceived, including the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

MArk only lost his fortune, as much as US $ 4.1 billion, or about Rp of 58.7 trillion US dollars. Last week, his fortune shrink as shares of Facebook fell due to the corona virus more than 100 countries has failed.

Quote from Forbes, Friday (11/3/2020), the decline in the value of the assets of Zuckerberg highest in the Forbes-list billionaire. Net worth is now US $ 67 billion, or Usd 958 billion.

The cause for the loss of the treasure Zuckerberg because of the advertising revenue the company has a strong presence in the sectors, the risk of corona virus It was supplied by analyst Needham, Laura Martin.

“Our research shows, there are lower expenses for travel, retail, product, packaging and entertainment, where all the supplies the sector 30-40 percent of the total revenue of Facebook,” he said, as the back of the

There are a total of 10 richest people in the world, lost his property as much as to 18.8 billion US dollar in the past week, or about Rp 268 trillion US dollars. Then there is the richest man in India, Ambani, the oil and gas industry, Reliance Industries also lost his fortune.

The spread of the corona virus confirmed, more than 105 thousand cases in 90 countries with the number of deaths of 3,500 people. This outbreak of disturbances in the supply chain in various sectors, including energy and automotive.

So also for the technology industry, where the officials of Apple, Tim Cook, bearish, could reach the goal by the presence of slump, whether there is a decline in revenue and pruning requests.

Editor: Lucky M. Lukman