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Italy 1 offers a movie called Annabelle 2. This is a horror film with a dramatic atmosphere.

Production belongs USA. Year of implementation 2017, duration 1 hour 49 minutes.

Actors movie Annabelle 2

Film Annabelle 2 – director, main characters, where it is filmed

Director David F. Sandberg. Main characters Sister Charlotte AND Linda interpreted accordingly Stephanie Sigman AND Lulu Wilson. Also in the cast Talita Bateman in the role Janice.

Filming took place in Americaespecially Symi Valley and adjacent areas in the territory California.

Production Cinema New Line in collaboration with RatPac-Dune Entertainment AND atomic monster.

The film is known worldwide as Annabelle: Creation.

Annabelle 2 film where filmed

Annabelle 2 – the plot of the film broadcast on Italia 1

The plot takes place in 1943 and has a protagonist Samuel Mullinsan artisan who earns his living by carving very beautiful dolls, in demand by the local girls.

Samuel married to Esther and have a daughter Annabelle who unfortunately dies in a car accident one day. For Samuel And Esther the pain is very great, and twelve years after the death of the little girl they spend in a state of complete isolation.

After this time, finally, gentlemen Mullins they agree to take in their home four orphan girls, whose names are Janice, Linda, Carol AND Tierney. Four girls are accompanied by a sister Charlotte. As soon as they arrive, they check into their assigned rooms and give only one recommendation: don’t open the locked door, which appears to be a child’s bedroom.

In particular, one of the orphans Janice, does not obey and opens the door at night. He looks around and finds a small fully furnished room with a large closet. Janice Opening the closet, he discovers a creepy doll. Without knowing it, the little girl released a spirit that possessed the doll and which is believed to be hers. Annabelle.

final spoiler

From that moment the doll begins to haunt Janice causing her to have an accident that even put her in a wheelchair. How can a little girl get rid of a creepy spirit?

Final film Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2: Full Cast

Below is the cast of the film Annabelle 2 and the corresponding characters played by the actors

  • Stephanie Sigman: Sister Charlotte
  • Lulu Wilson: Linda
  • Talita Bateman: Janice
  • Anthony LaPagliaStory by: Samuel Mullins
  • Philippa Coulthard:Nancy
  • Grace Fulton: Carol
  • Lou Lou Safran: Tierney
  • Taylor Buck: Kate
  • Miranda OttoStory by: Esther Mullins
  • Mark Bramhall: Massey’s father
  • Adam Bartley: Agent Fuller
  • Alicia Vela-Bailey: Mrs. Mullins is evil
  • Brad GreenquistStory by: Victor Palmeri
  • Boy Losten: adoption agent
  • Samara LeeStory by: Annabelle “B” Mullins
  • Joseph Bishara: Malthus (demon) / Doll Annabelle

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