Shaved hair, the most extreme summer choice: for whom and how

OURThe “microhaircut” of summer is becoming more and more feminine, because blisswith high temperatures returns to “gravitate” to the head of a few brave ones. From the latest Lupita Nyong’o to Florence Pugh, who showed it off at the last Met Gala, to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Shaved hair, summer headdress

Strong and bold haircut, buzz cut over the years freed from a purely masculine and military charm discover a much more feminine side.

It’s been a long time since the legendary Demi Moore shaved her hair. Private Jane: Today, from Charlize Theron to Jada Pinkett Smith, there are many celebrities. at least once risked the practicality of shaving.

At the Valentino fashion show, Florence Pugh showed off her new hairstyle: her shaved hair has grown a few centimeters and is now pinkish-blond (Getty Images)

Who can feel good about it

Some of them are necessaryrequirements” so the buzz haircut is indeed a not too risky choice. First of all, functions should be regular and untagged − the face will actually be placed in the foreground – and the skull should not have irregularities, usually hidden by the crown.

Many, on the contrary, pluses, first of all on hair care, which is minimized. Moisturizing products take over and emollients that perfectly cleanse and moisturize the scalp. In fact, without foliage, the area is more than ever exposed to the sun, external agents, irritants, so it also becomes necessary. sunscreen SPF50.

Short hair after 50: 5 haircuts for a round face

Short hair after 50: 5 haircuts for a round face

How to make shaved hair look feminine

Whoever chooses shaved hair is because they want a profound change in their lives. And in addition to the routine with the hair, you will have to adapt to the makeup. He proved it recently Lupita Nyong’o which more than once decorated his skull with delicate and elegant henna designs.

Without focusing on demanding makeup, makeup must find the right balance between eyes and lips. Appearance will be improved more than usual, as Florence Pugh demonstrated on the last show Valentino, where she showed off a delicate pink make-up bordered by a bright eyeliner line. dark shades for example, black, burgundy, blue and burgundy are passe-partout to accentuate any look at minimal cost.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus all the attention on the lips, they should be perfectly shaped, as well as complemented by important shades, such as wine or red. Finally, don’t underestimate beautiful smear of blush, emphasizing the features and modeling the face, emphasizing the cheekbones and cheeks.

Pixie haircut, mullet and wolf: short, but not extreme

If a trendy haircut seems extreme, there are plenty of alternatives.. Among the shortcuts the most famous and most versatile – pixiea magnificent classic with wide customization options for length, any bunches, shades and shapes.

Alternatively, there is a bowl cut, a wolf cut and a mullet: The first is the classic bowl cut once worn by Charlize Theron and inspired by the Middle Ages. wolf haircut, the name comes from its wild and tousled look, it is easier to wear, longer and adaptable, perfect for fine to fine hair and very easy to maintain.

mullet, on the contrary, looks like a wolf, but with more pronounced scales, sometimes even with side chips, reaching to the shoulders and usually has a fringe. Suitable for all face types, especially for round ones, as it lengthens them. Therefore, it can be shortened even without an extreme heading.


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