Shawn Mendes and Will Poulter are at the forefront of the race for the best summer watch.

In the summer, under the most blinding sun, celebrities do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the day and show off their bare hands. Until now Shawn Mendes AND Will Poulter they are at the top of the imaginary ranking of our summer performances, each for a different and specific reason.

Criteria to be taken into account? You have to be a real star, go out into the sun and, above all, wear something on your wrist that is a real showpiece. Festival bracelets do not count towards this exciting haute horlogerie competition.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time 5990/1R Rose Gold by Stormzy

How not to start with Big Mikewho celebrated their 30th birthday this week? The casino theme chosen for the celebration energized the event: “Birthdays in August were crap until I was 16.” Skepta AND Michael Ward who raised the stakes. Patek Nautilus From Stormzy he did it all himself. Given to him by his manager, this Travel time rose gold is for many a sacred symbol of fine watchmaking. Naturally, the grime artist shows off to his entire class in a shirtless Lanvin suit. A one-of-a-kind summer accessory, even if it’s a little hard to imitate.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tiffany George Russell Blue

North Norfolk’s most famous F1 driver knows how to navigate his vacation. After enjoying Wimbledon last month, he was spotted sunbathing on a boat with his girlfriend. Carmen Montero Mundt. You have to balance all the ups, downs and adrenaline rushes of an F1 season with a bit of rest, right George? We’re used to seeing him in a Mercedes and IWC Big Pilot suit; so it was a pleasant surprise to see him in an unbuttoned linen shirt, with bare feet and a cool non-IWC watch that keeps spinning around in the off-season. In particular, Rollie OP Tiffany Blue as a favorite model Kendrick Lemar. However, pairing OP with a great day next to a partner is an even riskier and more successful move, as seen here. Compliments.

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Shawn Mendes Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G White Gold Model

Speaking of topless heartthrobs with dizzying hours, here’s a potential champion of our ranking: Shawn Mendes. If there’s anything to learn from August 2023, it’s that swim shorts should match the watch, strap or dial. There’s a lot to be said for this summer’s Aquanaut vs. Nautilus comparison thanks to these gorgeous Patek straps, but let the pictures do the talking.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Justin Bieber yellow gold

Summer date of spouses bieber requires a smart casual shirt with short sleeves and a gold watch of a completely different meaning. For those who have never tried, the impact Daytona in 18k gold this is something extraordinary with a champagne dial. It has a wonderful effect, which is probably why the singer I’m sorry love to wear it. While he has a pretty enviable collection of watches, his wrists are usually bare these days, aside from his many tattoos, so it’s a welcome surprise to see him wearing one. While we like to think that he regularly blows up chronographs of this magnitude by making quick laps in very fast cars, we can’t guarantee they saw the action they were made for.

“Tudor Pelagos Inter Miami” door David Beckham

Here’s irrefutable proof that you don’t have to wear a watch you just received. This Tudor Pelagos is in possession David Beckham for a couple of years, but in recent weeks it has reached its maximum splendor, thanks to the presence of Lionel Messi. Because, let’s be honest, until the star player joined theInter Miami, Becks and the club had nothing to celebrate. Now, however, Pelagos watches with the Inter Miami logo on the dial look amazing. If you weren’t Beckham, you’d probably list it on eBay right away, at least to gauge interest. The best thing? A very similar Pelagos costs just £4,700. Beckham knows how to wear affordable luxury well without wrinkling a pink shirt or blazer.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Shades by Will Poulter

Often an understated look is the best solution. Understatement tends to be understated, but this outfit is from Will Poulterjust appeared on Bear, shows how this thought is a real luxury. Perhaps the reason I like this summer vibe the most is because you barely notice you’re wearing a watch, let alone pair it with his tailored suit. Dior. The latest colors of the iconic Seamaster Aqua Terra they really hit the spot and are the perfect antidote to the non-sunny summer days. To understand how the headquarters works Omega can add so much liveliness to their watch faces, just ask Eddie Redmayne oa Zoe Kravitzor just take our word for it. Poulter chose a steel case and a bracelet with a sandstone dial, which, I would say, is almost the same color as his entire body. guardians of the galaxy. Poulter’s choice was also appreciated Brynn Wallneran attentive observer and a breath of fresh air for the watch industry.

Even if he never admired Willie P On screen, Wallner agrees that he tends to “play more masculine, sexy roles due to his collaboration with Marvel… so it’s nice to see him here in a stripped-down, serious Aqua Terra. This is a versatile, emphatically simple watch that radiates a summery and carefree vibe,” comments the author, before highlighting another positive characteristic of Poulter’s tailoring game. “Bonus points to Will for pairing the watch with the diamond bracelet. Many “watchmakers” frown on overlays due to excessive watchmaking rules and regulations (read: folding watches that scratch). But it’s a stylistic choice that signals relaxation and intimacy with luxury goods, as evidenced by the shabby Birkin’s status itself. In addition, this watch is made of stainless steel and can withstand the pressure of several diamonds.” Amen.

Article originally published in GQ UK.

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