Shazam! Wrath of the Gods will include Wonder Woman in a cameo? The clue

Following the release of a new TV spot, Shazam! Fury of the Gods has released a new clue: it seems that Gal Gadot will return to play Wonder Woman, but this time for the sequel to Shazam.

James Gunn he never hid his interest in Wonder Woman and it seems to confirm it in a new clue. Soon it will arrive in theaters Shazam! Fury of the Godsthe second chapter starring Zachary Levi in the guise of a teenage superhero who becomes a muscular man just by pronouncing a magic word (such as Shazam). How do Shazam and Wonder Woman relate, you ask. The answer is in a new commercial from DC sequels.

Wonder Woman will appear in the Shazam! Fury of the gods?

Since he arrived at the helm of the DC Studios, James Gunn has made his future plan very clear: the DC universe must be interconnected exactly as it happens in the Marvel universe. Also for this reason he felt the need to cut off what in his eyes could not have a future in what was clearly outlined in his head, such as Henry Cavill that he won’t be playing Superman again or again Black Adams benched. And what happened to Wonder Woman? Gal Gadot lost his third lead film, but James Gunn has repeatedly reiterated that he is interested in her character and does not want to lose the actress. And here perhaps a first taste is arriving sooner than expected. What if Wonder Woman interacted with the Shazam team? This is exactly what happens in a new commercial leaked on the web.

The sequel to Shazam is arriving in Italian cinemas starting from March 17, 2023 and will bring with it a new battle between the team of teenagers who become superheroes and the daughters of Atlas. Thanks to one last publicity promo promptly documented by a DC fan via Twitter, it seems that a member of the Justice League will join Shazam! Fury of the Gods. And it’s about Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot dons the shining armor of her Diana Prince again in the commercial in question, which confirms the actress and her character’s involvement once again in the DC universe. However it is a cameos. What are the future plans for Gal Gadot in the DC Universe? A reasoning that should actually also apply to Shazam, considering that with The Flash James Gunn aims to restore order, using it as a conclusion and a starting point. At the moment, James Gunn has revealed that he is working on a animation project starring Gal Gadot’s female warrior.

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