She bought an almond milk and what she found inside horrified her: “It looks like a sea creature”

A young woman from the UK revealed the unpleasant find inside an almond milk that you bought in a supermarket.

The British, named Nikky, went viral on Tik Tok after sharing the video of her surprising reaction when encountering a slimy mass inside the product that he was going to use for cooking. “When my daughter tried to prepare oatmeal with this milk, this is what we saw,” the woman commented while showing the precise moment when she was surprised.

In the first images you can show off the dairy packaging with an expiration date of February 11, 2022. As a first step, the young woman decided to cut it with scissors to discover what was inside.

What was not expected was what he was going to see next: an unpleasant dark green mass mixed with the dairy liquid. The woman’s first impression was to scream with all her might and turn away from the product.

The woman screamed when she found what was inside the container
The woman screamed when she found what was inside the containerCapture Tik Tok

Then he wanted to know more about the “object” he found and for that he decided to immediately contact the milk producing company, but at first he didn’t get any kind of answers.

“Aldi UK we need answers. We tried to contact you and you didn’t seem to be fazed at all. This is a serious danger to health, “he said from his account @nikky_afo.

What was the dark mass that was inside the container

In a second video that he shared on the same social network, Nikky said that Aldi UK -which produces and markets dairy- contacted her on Twitter when they saw the recording.

“Hi Deborah, thanks for getting back in touch. We would like to discuss this with you. Please provide us with your contact number and a member of the team will be happy to call you. Thanks again Abby-Louise ”was the first message Aldi Stores UK contacted.

The company communicated with the woman through the social network Twitter
The company communicated with the woman through the social network TwitterCapture Twitter

The company then took over the incident and gave an answer to what happened: “We are very sorry for the experience you had. The cause is probably due to a gap in the packaging, which allowed air to enter and caused the item to die and form the mold substance. “

And he added: “Rest assured that we will continue to insist on the highest standards for our supplier at all times, and details regarding this product have been forwarded to the appropriate team for follow-up purposes. “

To reward her, the woman reported that the supermarket chain offered him a voucher to buy other products.

“We appreciate the time you took to inform us about this and We sincerely apologize for any concerns caused. On this occasion, we would like to make arrangements by means of a £ 40 voucher which will be sent to your home address as a gesture of goodwill. If you want us to organize it, please confirm your full name and home address. Thanks again ”, the company wrote to him from his Twitter account.

The response of the supermarket chain to this situation that occurred with almond milk
The response of the supermarket chain to this situation that occurred with almond milkCapture Twitter

After sharing his outrage and subsequent response from the people marketing the product, most of his followers shared his anger and others warned him about what was inside the container. “It looks like a sea creature”, wrote a user. Is it the body of a rodent? ”, added another netizen.

However, unlike the versions that indicated that it was some kind of animal, other people mentioned that it was a fungus that can affect food packaged in this type of packaging and that causes the viscous surface. “It’s called mold and you can find it in other products that are open”, noted a young man who participated in the publication.

Other users of the platform joked about the situation and commented that it reminded them of an octopus. “It adds a special flavor to almond milk”, ironic another user emphasizing the discovery.

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