She can interpret a song in The Sisters-Street, in his feature film


The singer is barranquillera and called attention to the social networks of a particular moment in your film.

26 Jan 2020 16:55By:

An extract from the latest film, the singer is barranquillera, Shakira, who has already traveled the world during his concert tour, ‘The Golden Tour’ drew the audience’s attention on the social networks the interpretation of any of the songs, with the most important colombian music: ‘the Blade’ The Sisters-Street.

She appears, possibly in a recording studio in the Spanish city of Barcelona, and if she has a curious interpretation not a fan of the artist he recorded the moment when, possibly, in a movie theater, and went up to the platform of the videos on YouTubewhere over 2.000 page views.

‘She on the show: – The Gold Tour’ collect moments, both professionally and personally for the barranquillera and yet he dedicated a few minutes of the time that he was on the point of losing his voice due to a hemorrhage of her vocal chords. Currently, the film is passed through the chain of television, american, HBO, and after being in the cinemas during the months of November and December.

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The singer was surprised, and it was in the news all over the world for their successful presentation during the show’s break from the Super Bowl to the side, Jennifer Lopez is on February 2ndthere was the ‘Champeta Challenge, as I was about to mariachis, whose video was posted to the account on the social network Instagram Stating.

The barranquillera it will launch a new world tour next yearthat you will visit the most important cities in the world.

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